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The other day I was researching the internet for  MLM  recruiting techniques. I’ve been in and around this business long enough to know what the usual suspects were as far as recommended recruiting techniques are concerned, so I wanted to see what else has come along in the years since I was first introduced to  MLM  and techniques in  MLM  recruiting.

Much to my surprise and chagrin, I found that many of the  MLM  recruiting techniques were the same as they were over ten years ago, when I first got involved in the  MLM  and network marketing industry! Let’s review just a couple of these techniques and break them down so you can understand why, if you are using them, you are probably not as successful as you thought you would be by now:

 MLM  Recruiting Technique #1: Warm market. Anyone who has been involved in  MLM  and its recruiting techniques for ANY length of time (and I do mean ANY, including only one day) knows this tired old recommendation. Make a list of friends, family and co-workers, and share your business opportunity with them. One blog I read stated the reason why this is so effective is that you have the benefit of pre-established trust. That, in my opinion, is the main reason it is not effective at all! You try to come across as wanting to “share” an opportunity with the ones you love; however, let’s face it – the bottom line is you are trying to sell them on the business so you can make money. You have no idea if they are truly qualified to run a business such as this, and if they fail, your warm prospect will most likely run cold. I speak from experience; for a while after my first attempt at  MLM  recruiting, several close friends avoided me like the plague, or if they didn’t, they had that blank, distant stare with the big wall up between us every time I struck up a conversation that wasn’t completely personal and light-hearted. As I’ve mentioned before, I am involved in a few network marketing companies; with each successive one I joined, I’ve avoided this recruiting technique like the plague, no matter how hard my upline pushed me to do it.

 MLM  Recruiting Technique #2: Local prospecting, or cold market recruiting. This has to be by far the toughest and most ineffective, yet also most common method that has been passed down repeatedly throughout the  MLM /Network marketing industry. In this  MLM  recruiting technique you are told to get business cards, carry them with you at all times, and strike up a conversation with everyone you come in contact with in the course of your day, from your bank teller, to the barista at your local Starbucks, to the gas station attendant filling up your car. Make it brief, don’t tell the whole story; just pique their interest enough so that they want to learn more. Make yourself look very busy with not a lot of time to discuss it then and there, but set up an appointment when you can meet. Wow, where do I begin with all that is wrong with this  MLM  recruiting gem?!

First, they give you no solid guidelines for creating a business card. The stock models they supply you with violate all the rules of lead generation marketing; they are useless. They are nothing more than an image ad. We, as individual network marketers, do not have large enough advertising budgets like Nike, for example, to advertise only our image without any information offered or call to action for the prospect to take the next step towards becoming your customer or, in our case, a member of your network marketing downline. This type of marketing is extremely ineffective for our purposes.

Second, when actually recruiting for your  MLM  business, how many of you are truly an expert at opening up a conversation and finding out a complete stranger’s deepest desires or worst problems that they need a solution for, within 5 minutes? If you are, are you also able to convince them that you are the one with the answer to all their issues in that same 5 minutes? If you do that regularly as well, are you able to set up a future appointment with them to tell them about the great opportunity you have before those 5 minutes are up? If you accomplish that on a consistent basis, please think about how many people actually show up for this presentation. Be honest. How well has this recruiting technique worked for you? I’m sure many people will say that this technique is their bread and butter, that is how they got hundreds in their downline, and that it works, to which I say, congratulations! It is not an easy task, and the average person cannot accomplish all those  MLM  recruiting steps with any solid repeatable significance. To those that do, though, I pose these questions to you: Is it really an efficient recruiting technique for your  MLM  business? Does it mostly depend on you and the time you spend with each potential downline member? If it does, how much time are you dedicating to this, and what is your conversion rate? Is it worth all the time you spend on it?

Once again, and this is my opinion only, but it bears repeating that those are two of the biggest  MLM  recruiting techniques which I see as an equation for failure. “So Denise,” you ask, “what  MLM  recruiting techniques DO you recommend? I just don’t know what else to do besides that, that’s what  MLM  recruiting is all about, sharing the business opportunity with anyone and everyone!” Well, I’m glad you asked. In my  MLM  recruiting system, I remove myself from the equation until the right moment, when I know I will be spending time only with qualified leads. For the rest of it, I use automated lead generating systems that take me out of the equation and provide me with more free time to do other, more productive tasks, and/or spend quality time with my loved ones.

Which leads me to this wonderful news: there are better, more efficient ways to recruit for your  MLM  business. Thanks to technology and the internet, as I already mentioned, most of it can be completely automated so you are free to do other things, and I will be revealing the components of this automated system in future articles.

Stay tuned for other articles where I will point out the problems with  MLM  and Network Marketing recruiting and give you solutions so that you too can become a successful network marketer.

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Source by Denise A Martino

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You may be thinking that a network marketing career is indeed the perfect career choice for you. And you may very well be right. This could be the career in which you find vast amounts of success and fulfillment.

If you haven’t thought up the following concerns and questions, we can almost guarantee that someone you are close to will. These are common concerns that are often raised by family and friends of would-be Network Marketers.

#1: “You’ve got to be kidding me! You’re going to do what?”

“You didn’t get involved in one of those crazy pyramid schemes did you?”

“You better not ever try to recruit me!”

Often, someone’s decision to begin an MLM business is met with questions and statements like this. Well meaning friends and family members might react like this to the announcement of the new business decision. If you’re just starting out in this business, these statements can be very frustrating and even discouraging.

Those questions stem from misunderstanding about the MLM business model, and skepticism about the industry in general.

Network marketing has had a bad reputation. However, the once tarnished industry is gaining in popularity and acceptance as a legitimate career. More and more people, who would have never in the past considered a network marketing career, are entering into this workforce.

Network Marketing is a powerful business model, not only for the distributor but also for companies that adopt this structure. Many new and existing companies are implementing some or all of the features of network marketing. It is a very cost effective, efficient way to get products and services out there. As companies search for ways to increase their bottom dollar, many are choosing this form of business model.

It’s a win-win situation for the company and for the person that becomes involved in the business. Network marketing is one of the few industries left these days that is actually growing.

#2: “You went to school and got a degree, and now you’re going to do THAT?”

“You make a lot of money now! Why would you want to do THAT!”

“You are a doctor, lawyer, CEO …why would you take such a huge step down to do a career in network marketing?”

“Why would you ever want to be a…salesperson?”

If you’re coming from a status-oriented career, or one where you did well financially, you might be challenged with these sorts of questions and statements. Colleagues may wonder why you would leave your prestigious profession to begin a network marketing career.

In some social circles, title, rank, and status are important factors. Some people take great pride in working for a prestigious company, or having a title before or after their name. To these status oriented individuals, a network marketing career doesn’t fit their idea of a true profession.

Realize though, that some of these professionals only make a moderate income-especially compared to those who enjoy a really successful network marketing career. It’s entirely possible to earn much more than what many of these prestigious careers pay!

Corporate executives, doctors, lawyers, business people from prestigious companies are getting involved in network marketing. Some choose to do this part-time to supplement their income, or establish residual income. Others walk away completely to pursue a full-time network marketing career.

Bottom line is this, if you are one of these professionals planning on following this career path, you won’t be alone. As King and Robinson sum up in their book The New Professional:

“As the security of the status jobs disappears and the frenetic, pressure-cooker lifestyles they bring lose their appeal, many upscale professionals who used to dismiss network marketing are taking a first or a fresh look. There are only so many times smart people can watch others build much happier, more rewarding lives before they conclude- why can’t I do something like that?”

#3: “I’m not a salesperson. I don’t know if I can do this.”

Well….we’ll answer that question in a minute. First, we’re going to point out a few things you may not have thought about when considering your network marketing career.

Some of the most successful people in network marketing have not come from a background in sales. They don’t use hard core sales techniques. They don’t come across as your typical salesperson. Most customers or clients don’t react well to that style of sales anyway.

By its very name, network marketing means marketing through building of networks of people. Networks are built through relationships. How do you build relationships? You don’t do it through hard core sales tactics. How many people end up good friends with their car salesman?

Relationships are built through caring about your clients and partners in your business. You will be successful as you help others build their businesses. This is one of the few industries that people get ahead by helping others get ahead.

So, you might be thinking that there must be some sales involved in this process. After all, you’ve got to get people into your organization. And you’ve also got to sell your product or service.

Yes, that is true. You have to talk to people, and approach them – even if the majority of your business is on-line, you’ll still have to pick up the phone and call your prospects.

What are the two beliefs that people who have successful network marketing careers have? These convictions go beyond any fancy sales spiel.

1. They have a passion for their product or service, and belief that they are representing a great company.

2. They believe that they have something that others will benefit from and that will improve the lives of the people they talk to.

Most people will see right through a fancy slick sales script.

Your sincerity, passion, enthusiasm and conviction are what will attract your prospects and customers to you.

#4: “What about rejection?”

Yes, that happens. Even to the best of the best, even to the most successful of network marketers. Some of your family and friends might even reject your opportunity. This is a fact of the business. But persistence and diligence will pay off. Keep on going and do not ever give up. And realize, that some of those rejections are only “no for now”. Some of these people will change their mind as they see your persistence and beliefs that keep you going.

#5: “I’d really like to have a career in network marketing , but I don’t know if I have the time!”

Yes you do. Even if you are able to start your new career on a part-time basis, you can most likely carve out the time necessary.

Most people will find the time to do something they really want to do. It may mean prioritizing your activities and looking at how you manage your time. A network marketing career is a perfect part-time business for those who already have full-time employment.

Even Robert Kyosaki urges

“I strongly recommend that all my employees look into network marketing as their own part-time businesses.”

Network marketing provides both extra income and residual income for the part-time business owner, so it may be worth it to someone considering doing it, to make the necessary adjustments in their schedules.

Some people have started out their network marketing career on a part-time basis, as a “plan B”- just some extra income to add to their lifestyle. But with the downturn of the economy, and job losses, many “plan B’s” have turned into plan “A’s”. And these people were very thankful that they had already put in the time to build a network marketing business, if only on a part-time basis. Many of these people have gone on to expand their P/T business into a F/T network marketing career, and will most likely not ever go back into the traditional work force again.

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Source by Patricia Bouchez

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When it comes to looking for the right network marketing programs, you will most probably have to read on different reviews regarding the different companies that offer the programs. Through these reviews you will be able to learn certain things about a company. But it is important to realize how to read these reviews so that you will not be suckered into getting into a program that will not work for you. After all, companies themselves can write their own reviews and put them out on the net. Here are some things to look out for in a review so that you know a company’s network marketing offerings are good for you.

Ratings – Usually, you will see some sites that actually have ratings on certain companies as a part of their review. These ratings are given by people who are a part of the companies or have been a part of them. This is a good gauge for you to make a decision on joining a specific program. Look for sites that have ratings tied to their reviews.

Fairness – When it comes to fair reviews, you will want to read about the good things about a company. But most importantly, you will also want to read about the company’s setbacks as well. Make sure that you find unbiased reviews about a company’s programs. It will be difficult but reviews are out there and you can only trust your good judgment about how unbiased there are.

Products – Sometimes, you will also be able to tell the quality of a network marketing program a company just by knowing about the products that they offer. By looking into the reviews and then comparing those reviews to the product offerings, you can measure whether or not a certain company is good for you or not. Now, this can be quite double-edged. You might find a company that has great quality products and all they are looking for are good people who can sell their products for them. They might really just need help and you might also be the answer to their problem. There are also other companies that have great reviews but have products that are below par in quality. But they might have people with great downlines selling their products. This is a time when you need to rely on your judgment again so that you can make a decision when trying to look for the right program for your business.

Consumer opinions – Even consumers will have their opinions on certain reviews. You can get a lot of information from consumers regarding certain network marketing programs. What do they have to say? Well, most of their opinions are based on the products that they buy from these companies. Make sure that you measure your opinions with the consumer reviews and ratings that are given in network marketing reviews. This way, you will know exactly what programs are great for you to participate in. These are just some of things that will help you read reviews properly when you are hunting for the best programs.

Make Sure that you go down below and get the top kept secrets to  MLM  marketing online from one of the top earners in the business.

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Source by Jesse Miller

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Network marketing reviews are all over the internet these days. Some reviews are great and others are well let’s just say are full of crap. I am writing this article in order to share some interesting facts that I have found about network marketing reviews.

Most reviews I have found while doing research about marketing portray network marketing as a pyramid scheme. Some of them are just marketing books and trying to get you to buy some ridiculous secret that they have on how to be a successful marketer. Others just want you to believe that you can make a lot of money on the internet.

The biggest thing that I have found is that everyone is promising things but 90% of most network marketers fail. They fail because they are uneducated on how their business should be conducted. Most network marketing businesses fail because there up-line of team members don’t want to take the time to educate their understudies. I believe that there is no magical secret on how to become successful as a network marketer. You just need to be able to promote a product that people want and make sure that you and your down-line are always educated in the best possible ways to promote a product that is in demand.

Marketing is just ways to present to the public in our case the internet, creative new ways to promote what you believe in. So if you believe in what you want to market. The internet is a huge massive place with lots of people that want more information on how to earn money.

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Source by Brian Dodd

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After Soaking in Online and Offline  MLM  Industry as a Hardcore Internet & Network Marketing Leader and Trainer for many Years… Below are only my Opinions: Old School  MLM  Is DEAD !

People don’t want to go to meetings every week. Or drive all over town giving presentations. Or mail-out expensive cds or videos. Or get “No shows” (friends who promised… ) The biggest REASON why people don’t get involved in  MLM  is NOT because they don’t want residual income, it’s because they can’t see themselves doing, what networkers are doing, to get them involved in the business. No one is going to say “NO. I don’t want extra $5000 per month in residual income.”

They say NO to what they have to do to get it! I am sure we can agree on that one reason, right? So, One Fine Day ,I Finally S.T.O.P . ! Being ridiculous and kidding myself. “Wake-Up!” There’s Must Be a Better Way 😀 Okay, let’s break-it down..

First things first! Let’s understand WHY most systems FAIL. Its NOT the company, its not the product or the complan that failed but instead the so called “system of duplication” In a  MLM  business model, the very economics requires duplication or multiplication for its success. So, for the past over 50 years, we have been taught to keep things simple so that we can “duplicate”. Every known “big” leader or Double-diamond or Presidential Director has taught us that (be coachable and duplicatable), because that’s the only way they themselves know and have been taught. Its still okay, if you’re building your  MLM  business BEFORE the 90’s when  MLM  is still not a mature industry and internet was not born yet. Their system of duplication consists of a string of “systematic” processes that most of us are overly familiar with.

  • do your namelist of 200 names
  • do not speak to anyone until you attend training..
  • practice your invite script
  • share with our warm market until it runs out?
  • Of course they tell you that it’ll never run-out
  • as you meet new people everyday.. Yeah. Right!
  • don’t miss orientation, more trainings, hotel meetings,
  • house meetings, one-on-ones, two-on ones (buddy system),
  • 3 way calling, conference calls etc.
  • do the numbers, law of averages…Every NO means you’re
  • getting closer to a YES! just don’t quit even IF
  • you hit a wall and is “bleeding”.. the ship’s coming in!
  • when you’re down.. look “up”line. When you’re UP,
  • look after your “down”lines..

GEEZS!! One company to another. the same “success” stories (1 to 3%) Interestingly, many  MLM  opportunities in recent times “appear” to be automated internet systems. BUT truth is you’ll need to pick up that darn 100 pound phone (after) and ultimately sell something or convince someone (yours is better than mine) what load of s*it. B’coz by now, your prospect in recent times. is already probably in another  MLM  company and has been roughed-up and burnt just like you are. Difference is.. you didn’t QUIT Unless you’re a pro on the phone or even make the time (which never seems to have enough hours in a day..), most can’t sell for nuts or just lacks the skills (admit it!)

Most don’t have enough time for the “learning curve” to show results AS their spouses or downlines have already left!! Well, you know the rest of the story. and finally, NOT until now. I can see and understand the cause of these “systems” breaking down each time like clockwork..

Is there something hidden from us in PLAIN SIGHT ? The CULPRIT? All these so called systems are heavily IF NOT primarily reliant on the “HUMAN FACTOR” to make it work!! That’s where the system breaks down MISERABLY.. Human or PEOPLE cannot be duplicated as much as you try That’s WHY duplication FAILS!!

Even when you’re lucky enough to sign-up your best friend without any rejections.. chances are your best friend may not have the same fortune AND he’s now another statistic (human element) that causes the system to breakdown even further. Let me illustrate and I don’t think I am exaggerating. you send the Top ten of your team members for the same intensive 10 days bootcamp w Mr Tony Robbins on a lost island . at the end of the 10 days, you would wound up with 10 different leaders (keyword is different). Exactly!

Final word: People cannot be duplicated.. only MACHINES CAN. So, what’s the obvious solution.. let the machines duplicate themselves.. Machines (internet) will send/give the information, build the relationship (through copywriting and audio/videos online), do the selling if necessary, take the order and close the sale or recruit. How ’bout also doing the follow-up and training.. giving instructions (as leaders do), step by step. Now, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a professor, a seasoned networker or newbie, a homemaker or school dropout. you go through the same McDonalds door, you’ll probably come out on the other end as a Big mac. Its predictable.. No tactics or techniques required!

What goes through a machine will come out duplicated (of course there’s that occasional weasel) that’s still bearable. but NOT when 95% is coming out wrong the way it is with “people”. (oh Ya!  MLM  is a PEOPLE business by the way. weren’t you told?) YES! I would like to think of it as PEOPLE are ALL “making money” while MACHINES are doing ALL the WORK “duplicating”. Now. isn’t that more like it??

I could be bumming around somewhere on this planet. sipping a pina colada w that lil’ umbrella while my “machine” is doing ALL the work, the way it should… Cool! Are You Ready?Is This a Dream “ MLM  + INTERNET MARKETING” come True? Nope ….Its Already Happening to Me!


The  mlm  Jedi

David Gwee

P.S. Huh?? No more Meetings , BOMs & OPPs?? is this really true??

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Source by David Gwee

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Success for the network marketing business depends on various factors. To grow and take your  MLM  business to high levels, below are 9 helpful tips.

1. Everything starts with making a decision

A booming network marketing business starts with your decision to achieve success. Several people make choices for trying the business, whereas few others are never able to come to a decision. Thus, you need to make a decision for success.

2. Connect your heart with your vision

The actual power for  MLM  success is to connect your heart with your dream that you have set for the business, because, it is possible to do things that are set in your mind, but have to be powered by heart.

3. Understand direct selling or network marketing

Network marketing is a vehicle that has changed lives of many people in a positive way by improving their standard of living and earnings. This is yet another tip for  MLM  success.

4. Send in completely filled distributor paperwork

Fill the form completely while sending paperwork to your distributors or else you may receive a paycheck almost a month later.

5. Scheduling of kick-off appointment with the sponsor

Here, you start the business by conducting meeting with your sponsors thereby learning about initial business procedures. This gives an official kick-off to your  MLM  business.

6. Put the commitment in written format

It is important to create a letter of obligation stating your commitments and things your sponsors will take up. This is one of the powerful and apparent ways for  MLM  success.

7.  MLM  success is about  lifestyle 

Many people enroll into network marketing, as their focus is on expanding and improving their future along with present lifestyles.

8. Create golden dozen listing

When a beginner enters into the world of  MLM , he/she must be aware of the all the essential things and golden dozen listing is one such thing. It is nothing but a listing of 12 things that you expect from the  MLM  corporation you intend to deal with. Then decide the duration up to which you wish to receive all those things. This will always keep on motivating you, especially during the tough times.

9. Getting familiar with the brochures and tools that your corporation provides. Remember to prepare and prepare. If you don’t understand something, ask, because the chances are your prospects might have the same questions.

It is also important that you familiarize yourself with recruiting tools, training tools, and presentation tools that your  MLM  Corporation is offering. Moreover, it includes webcasts, conference calls, and web sites.

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Source by Eric C. Su

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There is a growing concern about fertility in the whole

industrialized world today. Almost 14% of couples have

infertility problems. There is a fear that infertility is on

the increase and about 40-50% of these problems are associated

with the woman. It is amazing to note, however, that there are

many things that can affect reproductive health, that we as

humans have control over. Lifestyle choices like smoking,

alcohol consumption, caffeine healthy/unhealthy eating habits,

weight, sexual practices and so forth all have impact on

fertility and it is within our ability to control all these.

Most women are unaware as to how important these choices can

be with regard to future attempts to conceive. It will be in

order to examine these lifestyle choices and how much they

affect our reproductive health.

*Weight Problems

Over/Under weight On both sides of the scale, body weight plays

a vital role in fertility. Obesity has been associated with

infertility and menstrual irregularities. Women who are

overweight but without Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

suffer the same problems with ovulation and menstrual anomalies

as women with PCOS and in most cases, this is found to be

inexplicable medically. But it has been shown that group

treatment programs that help obese women with diets and

exercise plans have caused a return of fertility in many

patients. In overweight women with ovulation and menstrual

irregularity, a weight loss of 6.5kg (15lbs) has been shown to

restore normal ovulation. Therefore, it is believed that the

improvement in insulin resistance achieved with the weight loss

has more to do with restoring ovulation than the actual amount

of weight loss itself. Several studies have shown that a Body

Mass Index (BMI) of 23-30 is considered overweight and a BMI

above 30 is said to be obese.

Just as overweight is bad for fertility, extreme underweight has also been shown to cause ovulatory dysfunction and thus infertility. In a woman with anideal body weight (BMI of 20-25) a moderate weight loss of 10-15% can cause menstrual irregularity and a weight gain in such underweight women has also been shown to restore ovulation and pregnancy in most cases. A BMI of 17.5-20 is considered underweight and below 17.5 is severely underweight.


Over the years, several reports have consistently reiterated

that smoking decreases fertility.

Smokers suffer a risk of menopause1.5-3 years earlier than normal, decreased oestrogen with breakthrough bleeding and a shortened luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. All these suggest

that smoking exerts some toxic effects on the follicles directly. Also, nicotine, a component of cigarette smoke has been shown to concentrate in cervical mucous and the metabolites have also been found in the follicular fluid. This is believed to be responsible for delayed follicular growth and maturation in smokers. Smoking is also associated with an increased incidence of ectopic pregnancy and an increased spontaneous abortion rate which also suggests it affects the uterine tubes and tubal motility.

*Delayed Childbearing

Civilization also comes with its consequences. It is common to see women in industrialized nations delaying childbearing to pursue educational and career opportunities till later years.

What most women in this regard do not realize is that aging brings with it many effects that affect almost every part of the body and the reproductive system is not left out. Some of the effects of age on fertility include:

– Depletion, over time, of the ovarian follicles affecting

menstrual and ovulatory regularity – endometriosis has more

time to produce scarring of the ovaries and tubes, reducing free

movement of these organs. It can even take the place of the

ovarian follicular tissues, if ovarian endometriosis persists and grows.

– Fibroids can slowly grow causing endometrial bleeding that can disrupt implantation sites or even distort the endometrial cavity which affects the ability to carry pregnancy in the early stages.

– Abdominal adhesions from other intra abdominal surgery or ruptured ovarian cysts can also affect tubal motility, required to sweep the ovaries and gather an ovulated egg.

*Alcohol and infertility

The total effects of alcohol consumption on fertility may not be

clear, but what is known for certain is that alcohol abuse does

constitute a risk of infertility. In a survey, women with high

alcohol use reported more menstrual and gynaecological surgery.

Alcohol has also been shown to alter oestrogen and progesterone

levels and also cause anovulation (menstruation without ovulation). But what is not clear, however, is how much alcohol

consumption is bad for fertility, or alternatively, how much is safe. It is established that during pregnancy, an average of 2drinks per day or more can produce foetal alcohol syndrome birth defects. Another study showed that a consumption of more than 100gram of alcohol a week (1drink per day) is associated with 60% increase in ovulation difficulties.

Also, increased caffeine consumption has been shown to affect the ability to become pregnant and carry the pregnancy. This is because caffeine clearance from the body is decreased during the luteal phase. Animal and human research data also show an increased risk of spontaneous abortions with increased caffeine use and a decreased foetal growth during pregnancy with increased caffeine intake. Consumption of three or less servings of coffee per day may be harmless, but more than this amount i.e. greater than 300mg per day may lead to fertility problems.

Women with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) stand a greater risk of infertility and untreated STDs especially gonorrhoea and chlamydia, are the major cause of PID.

The choices we make everyday have a positive or negative impact

on our ability to conceive.

Decide to make the right decisions today and enjoy a better reproductive health.

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Source by Michael Russell

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The travel  MLM  industry is a great opportunity for someone to participate. Great products that everyone wants and uses, competitive prices, and good support and training from the companies coupled with tools to help their members. However the opportunity alone can’t help you succeed and make the income you want. What would define your future success, besides your willingness to work and learn new things, is your sponsor and the team behind him.

For those that don’t know, the sponsor is the person that introduces you to the  MLM  opportunity and you sign up directly under him. But he is not just the guy or gal above you. In his duties is to help you as much as he can and teach you how to build your home based business as a travel agent. Of course that doesn’t mean that he is going to do the work for you and if he promises something like that be careful. What he is going to do is becoming your personal mentor and consultant and all of that for free.

Besides a responsibility, he also has an incentive to provide you those things as he is going to take a percentage of your sales. So the more successful he helps you to become, the more successful he becomes himself. It’s a win win situation hardly to be found in any other business model outside of the multilevel marketing industry.

However, that’s not always the case. In many network marketing opportunities that distributors get big commissions for referring new members, a bad practice from a minority of people takes place. These few gentleman, are concentrating in promoting the opportunity and getting new referrals only. After you sign up with them they leave you alone, as for their model of working their business it doesn’t make economic sense to them to give you help and support you, as you are eating from them time that can devote in finding new members and getting more commissions. They have a mentality of going after quick short-term profits instead of building their  MLM  business for the long run.

When you are joining a travel  MLM  company you need to avoid to sign up under such people as it’s diminishes you chances to succeed. Yes the company may have a great training program, but without a good sponsor and a team that can stand behind you you can’t accomplish much.

Of course this is a pity, as the industry of travel  MLM  will grow even bigger in the future and would make a lot of people successful, helping them achieving financial freedom and a great  lifestyle  that goes with it. So you don’t want to miss the chance to participate in this great expansion only because you chose the wrong the sponsor.

That’s why, if you plan to join a travel network marketing opportunity, you should be careful and you should choose your sponsor wisely. The commissions they get paid for referrals are big and so there is the danger that you may end up joining under someone who is only in for the commissions from selling the opportunity. To avoid that, be prepared to ask a lot of questions and if necessary inquire more than one or two potential sponsors before you choose under whom you will sign up.

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Source by Chris Kosman

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Have you had the thought of starting a home business? Have you had that secret conversation with a co-worker by the water fountain? Have the thoughts and possibilities of what it would be like to work from home run through your mind daily? You are not the only one! Like you and I thousands of people think like this. As we watch the news, our 401K, and fellow companies we realize that no one or nothing is safe from a recession. Many people want to be more in control of their future but also be able to part of their families’ life, so what can they do?

Here Is How It Starts

When you are looking to start a home business you need to find one that fits your lifestyle. Don’t try to start a dog walking service if you are allergic to dogs, this could be a challenge. You want to find a product or service that you find beneficial, this will allow you to market it better. You will need to find a product or service that you can market and one that you have the ability to. If you are thinking of starting an internet business, but don’t have a computer or have never touched one, this could be challenge, but not all hope is lost.

So Many Choices, Which one to Pick?

There are so many choices at your fingertips literally; since you can research these possibilities online. The best thing to do is know where your strengths are and think of others around you. How could they help? Is your neighbor a video expert? Is your best friend a writer at the local paper? While you may not be able to cover all the bases, there is also the ability to outsource a few things. You will need to pick a home business that makes you feel good and one that has a great support structure. Pick a home business that you will be able to relate with others and surround yourself with positive influential people. With so many choices you need to consider the number one influential part of the business, YOU! Do you need an inspirational 15 minute conversation every day to get started? Do you want to have any employees? Do you want or desire to relocate if the opportunity arose? How much of an investment do you want to make and how soon do you want a return?

Network Marketing, Is It For You?

Over the years network marketing has been tagged with not only one but two black eyes. Many companies in the past have been known to take people’s money and leave town, leaving a bad taste in people’s mouth. On the contrary, there are some very reputable companies in network marketing that have been successful and will continue to be. They focus on the team and teach everyone how to do things the right way with a very high ethical mindset.

Is the Franchise Idea Better?

For some, riding on the coat tails of a well known business is the answer for them. While some times this takes a large investment because of signing contracts, fees, and stricter guidelines. A small franchise business could be something like a martial arts school, home cleaning, or a type of repair man to name a few. Some people also like this because even though they do pay monthly fees, advertising is paid for them.

Can You Do It Alone?

There are the people that like to everything on their own, build a product or service and market it alone. Many services or products can be digitally built at home, for example writing content. Other examples would be like building websites, owning your own mowing business, building wall clocks, or knitting blankets. In this type of business environment your profit margin can be very high but advertising and building your brand can get expensive.

As you can see there are many opportunities to work from home and each one takes a different type of person. In every business there are pros and cons, you will just have to figure them out. Just like anything else in the world, what you put in your business is what you will get out of your business. Just look at some of the most successful business owners. You think they put in a couple hours a week?

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Source by Robert David Strong

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Anyone looking to join an MLM opportunity will need to ask this very important question.

“Am I prepared to treat this opportunity as a serious business?”

Very often MLMs are sold as a lifestyle choice, or buying into a dream.

When we strip away all of the promises of the lavish lifestyle, fast cars, yachts and a life of freedom, we then need to look at what actually needs to be done to reach these goals. Although every so often an opportunity will come along that will make some people very rich in a short period of time,these lucky breaks are actually quite rare in MLM, more often than not it will take a lot of hard work and patience to make any money. This is where your strengths as a new network marketer will be tested to the limit. If you have been sold on a lifestyle and then told how easy it will be to reach this dream, the disappointment of not making any money after several weeks, even if you have followed the plan will usually make most people quit the opportunity, moaning they have been lied to or scammed out of their hard earned cash.

So will MLM work for me? The answer is probably no, with the statistics showing that 97% who join network marketing will fail. Such a high failure rate shows this is purely down to people waking up to the reality that MLM is like any other business, it will take time, money and patience to reach your goals. When people realise that any opportunity is going to involve hard work and perseverance they usually quit within weeks of joining. The other 3% who do succeed have actually made it work simply because they didn’t quit.

So before joining any mlm opportunity take a close look at yourself then ask these questions.

1. Am I ready to go the distance to reach my goals?

2. Will I treat the opportunity as a serious business and not just a hobby?

3. Can I accept that each failure I experience is a step closer to my success?

4. Am I prepared to learn new marketing skills to be successful in my MLM business?

If you treat MLM as a sprint it will probably fail, treat it as a marathon and you will have a very good chance of success. Although choosing a good quality MLM opportunity is important, it is equally important to look at your own qualities as a person and your ability to follow through to reach your goal of living that dream lifestyle.

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Source by Robin Whiting