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How much are my pokemon cards worth?

I have old pokemon cards (1st generation) cards and i have 3 in japanese, 2 in german, 1 in spanish, and blaine's growlithe in english. The german cards are raichu and geodude, the japanese are trainer card, porygon, and lugia (who is 2nd generation), the spanish card is dark vaporeon. And i have hundreds of assorted cards. How much are the listed cards worth???

Posted by Payson

If you find yourself asking, "How much are my Pokemon cards worth?" you should probably visit eBay. The prices of collectibles fluctuate a great deal. What is worth nothing today could be worth thousands tomorrow, and vice versa. Also be aware that people start collecting childhood memorabilia once they reach the age of thirty. That means that if 10-year-olds were buying Pokemon cards five years ago, those kids will be 30 in 15 years. In other words, your cards will most likely reach their maximum value in 15 years. Look here for more information:

Are pokemon cards worth what they were 10years ago

Posted by Nate M

No, Pokemon cards sadly aren't a collectible which increase in their value with age, in-fact they devaluate to my knowledge.

Trust me i've been on the internet long enough to know that there are some fanatics to this stuff that will never grow out of it, sell all you've got on ebay or something en-masse and you might make a little profit.

Will my Pokemon cards increase in value over the years? By how much?

Is it worth keeping them to sell later or should I sell now because it wont make that much difference?
Can anyone give any examples? Like name a specific card, how much it is worth now and how much it will probably be worth 10 years, then 50 years later.

Posted by Josh

Collectibles like cards, usually take decades to increase a suitable amount. So you shouldnt have get rich quick in mind. It will take a long long time, that of course if it ever increases in value.

I think pokemon will be worth something, they have quiet a legacy behind them, but like i said it will take decades. So most likely when your nearing retirement or already dead, your children may have some luck tho.

Same thing happened to 50 cent baseball cards. 7 year olds got paid when they were over 40.…

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