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Gerard sat opposite me at one of my intensives.

“My body hurts and I feel irritated,” he complained, in a way that felt like he was handing his hurting inner child to me to soothe and fix.

“Gerard, do you want to know what you are doing and how you are treating yourself that is causing this pain?”

“Yes, of course. I know he wants me to love him, but I don’t know how.”

I cannot begin to tell you how often I hear this: “I don’t know how. I don’t know how to love myself.” And the underlying question being asked of me is, “Tell me how to love myself. Tell me what to do to take this pain away.”

Gerard is clear that the irritation in his body is coming from his self-abandonment, and he wants a formula for how to love himself. He believes that I have the answer for him and is angry with me for not telling him how. I patiently explain the six steps of inner work to him again, but I can see that his eyes glaze over and he doesn’t get what I’m talking about.

One of the other participants brilliantly says, “Gerard, it’s not about “how”, it’s about “what” you do that makes the difference.

Another participant states, “I know you are fiercely devoted to your daughters. It’s your relentless devotion that makes them feel loved – not whether or not you do it perfectly.”

Gerard blinks and a light bulb turns on. His whole being comes alive.

“Are you saying that it’s not whether or not I do it right or even know what I’m doing, but that it’s about being relentless in wanting to be loving to myself?”

“Yes!!” I state, delighted with his dawning understanding. “You are one of the most relentless people I know when it comes to your physical health. You’re deeply devoted to eating well, exercising and reading about health and nutrition. But when it comes to emotional responsibility for your own feelings, you blame others, pull on them, and expect them to love you instead of learning to love yourself. You don’t make anyone else, including your doctor, an authority over your physical health, nor do you expect anyone else to feed you well, yet you consistently expect others to take responsibility for your feelings and you are angry at them when they don’t.”

“So I need to be as relentless with my feelings as I am with my physical health! I can see that my children feel safe, even when my wife and I don’t always do it ‘right,’ because they can feel that we are deeply devoted to their wellbeing. I didn’t get this kind of devotion when I was growing up, so I’ve expected others to do it for me, but it’s only when I’m fierce and relentless about WANTING to love myself that my inner child will feel loved.”

Yes, yes, yes!

The first step of inner work is getting present with our feelings and fiercely and relentlessly WANTING responsibility for them, rather than wanting to just get rid of pain. It’s the fierce and relentless WANTING that makes all the difference.

“Gerard, because your whole being WANTS to be a good daddy, your children feel safe and loved, and your inner little boy will stop feeling angry and irritated when you truly WANT responsibility for your feelings.”

Gerard was smiling and so was everyone else.

“How does your body feel now Gerard?” I asked.


Gerard could clearly feel that, even though he hadn’t taken any overt loving actions, the inner action of finding the place within him that relentlessly WANTS to love his inner child took away his anger and irritation.

He was ready to be fierce and relentless in learning to love himself, and in treating himself lovingly – just as fierce and relentless as he is in creating excellent physical health.

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Source by Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

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Loving Yourself – Guilty or Good?

I’m going out for lunch today with some old friends. This can be tricky when you are loving yourself enough to choose the foods that love you back. I say this because there are a multitude of reactions to healthy eating when you have made such lifestyle changes.

Some may feel guilty at you being ‘good’. This is the dieting mindset and it is destructive because you may want to stop their discomfort by eating foods that do not love you. Don’t! This is not loving yourself. Just explain to them that food is just fuel and you are now choosing the foods that fuel your body best. Then invite them to eat whatever they like and enjoy every mouthful.

A few people may go further and try to encourage you to have a dessert. This happens to me even when I have told them that I’m seriously addicted to sugar. As yet, most people are not taking sugar addiction seriously. So my response it to tell them that research shows sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine. If that doesn’t work I ask them if they would try and encourage an alcoholic friend into drinking a glass of wine. That definitely works!

Useful Tips

With people I have not seen for a long time I find it best to be up front and tell them of my new lifestyle and how I am now loving myself. Firstly I impress on them that this isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. Then I explain that most of the time I do not eat refined foods or sugar. I say most of the time because as we all know when we tell ourselves we can never again have something, we crave it even more!

Life is for living and food is to be enjoyed. This is part of the process of loving yourself. So secondly, I think ahead about the foods I really love and that love my body. Then I consider the carbs that work better for my body by triggering a slower release of insulin such as brown rice, sweet potato and quinoa. Now I am in a focussed mindset to choose food that I really love to eat and that love me back.

Finally, when the meal arrives I switch my mind onto my body and eat consciously. This can easily be done when chatting to others and it does a number of things.

  1. Slows down your eating.
  2. Allows you to really taste and enjoy the experience of the food.
  3. Allows you to know when it’s time to stop eating (one more mouthful takes away from the pleasure you have had eating the meal).
  4. Raises your enjoyment of the whole experience of eating.

Give it a try and help your friends and family to move away from the insanity of a dieting mindset and support you loving yourself through your lifestyle change.

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Source by Chrissie Webber

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We have all been the new person in the neighborhood. We all know that feeling, and we know that sometimes the first step to introduction can be the hardest. Personally, when I am with people I know and am comfortable with. People that I have known for a while, I am not introverted in the least. I am not quiet, I talk until they tell me to shush. Rarely can we be that comfortable with people we just met.

Traveling around recently and having to meet numerous people, I have found that when people have used these ideas with me, It has made the introduction situation much easier for all. The next eleven great ways to introduce yourself, specifically in an RV community, may help you work around social shells and help start great relationships in the community you will be staying for the next few days, months, or years (depending on your travel plans).

So let’s get started, the first four ideas I like to consider the gateway to introduction. Anyone can ask a question, make a comment or give a compliment. Any of these make easing into an introduction a little easier.

1. Wave and Smile

Unless the other person is in an auto, RV, truck, or motorcycle, most people are outgoing will stop and talk to you. Smiles are proven to be inviting. Smiles invite conversation with others. Conversations usually need introduction.

Since visiting several RV communities, when going out with my husband (who is a very outgoing person), I have personally noticed that smiles have started countless conversations with community members. Previous unknown community members that now I can’t wait to go back and visit later.

Many great friendships in RV communities, start with a wave and a friendly smile.

2. Ask a question

If you are new to any community, unless it is a model of a previous place you have visited before, you are going to have questions. Most small and medium size communities have maps and welcome packets that include a lot of information. But asking a question is a way to not

only start an introduction, but get more detailed information. You can ask your neighbor, Where is recycling located? Which direction is the black and gray tank dump?

Very rarely will you run into someone who will answer your question and walk away. I am not saying it will never happen, it is just rare.

3. Make a comment

This idea is similar to asking a question. Making a comment is extremely easy. A simple statement about the weather is a gateway for introduction. It also invites further conversation. You may also be able to find common ground with the other person. There are times when first finding you have things in common, will put you at ease and make conversation that much easier.

4. Give a compliment

Have you ever been walking by someone and thought, (Wow, that’s a great…) just fill in the blank. Those are all opportunities for introduction. Take the opportunity if you like something, say so. Almost everyone enjoys compliments.

Example: “I like your Sun hat, it’s a pretty shade of green. “

This example may seem silly but remember, it is a simple and easy way to start a conversation and introduce oneself.

5. Walk our Canine Companion

Most RV communities have areas designated for canine companions. For their exercise and interacting with other dogs. Walking your companion not only gives your pet needed exercise while living in an RV, but opens the door to talk to neighbors. Mainly about dogs, but this too is a gateway to introduction.

While walking you may be asked about your pet, many will want to stop and say hello and potentially pet your companion. Or later they may mention that they saw you walking him or her earlier. Then in conversation, introductions are usually made.

6. Go to the Community Center/ Area

All of the RV parks we have visited in 2016 have a community gathering area. When living in such a small community of people community centers are great places to gather for games, ice cream socials, card games, and other activities. Perhaps the parks welcome packet will have a calendar of events. This is another great way to meet your community neighbors.

7. Take a tour of the Community

Most RV communities offer tours of the RV sites. This helps with continuity in the community, since most people living the RV lifestyle travel a majority of the year. There are people coming in and going out on the regular. Sign up for a tour of the entire RV park. Your guide may introduce you to the people you see along the way.

You may also be able to remember where you met others which may also help

you remember their names better.

8. Give a useful gift

Finding something useful for others living the RV lifestyle is easy. Think about the things that you Use or need daily. Does your neighbor have a pet?(cat or dog) Give something for them instead.

(A toy maybe). It does not need to be extravagant. When in doubt, keep it simple. My previous example where my neighbor gifted us the reusable (handmade) bag. I use it every time we go shopping. And it is very much appreciated.

9. Give a handmade item

Do you have a hobby that you enjoy? Do you knit or sew? If you have an hobby or skill that you enjoy, you can use that to your advantage when introducing yourself to others.

When we first arrived in the desert around southern California, we did not know anyone. We met our host and they basically gave us the rundown on who was already there and who would be showing up. One of our neighbors came over and as an introduction she gave us a hand-made bag. It is not only my favorite bag, but I remember her name because I associate it with the bag.

10. Have a gathering at your area/ space

You can have a small potluck lunch at your RV site. Have everyone bring something. If that seems like too much for you. Have a small get together with your immediate neighbors. Invite them to play a card game or chess. (If you have a set. )

If you invite others to your area, remember that not everyone will love fufi jumping on them. Until you get to know your neighbors, keep your canine companion in a controllable area.

You have a few options when inviting people over also. You can write hand invitations for your neighbors to the left and right. You can also put up a small sign in your community center in the RV park. More people will show up with this option. Before putting anything up, don’t forget to ask what is allowed on the board.

11. Introduce yourself

The last one is as simple as it gets. Just dive right in. If your neighbor is outside, go for it. You can walk right over to them and say “I would like to introduce myself. ” and go from there.

Do you know of great ideas that I did not put on our list? Any helpful hints for other readers.

Leave a comment below. And if you found our article useful remember to share it with others.

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Source by Keisha D Jackson

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The coming of tomorrow can be just another day or less frequently an unpredictable day. Yet you can have some influence over that to a great extent. How is that? Read on to find out.

For most people coming of tomorrow would mean coming another day of your routine life. But you can change the pattern to some extent because coming of tomorrow does not have to mean always that way.

You can make tomorrow a memorable or victorious day of your life if you plan ahead of time. By preparing and taking actions ahead of time you can make tomorrow a grand day be it a party day, a day to accomplish something great or just simply a day for some family time together. Even little things can bring happiness while monumental stuff will bring triumph.

What is it you desire, you have to take action and plan ahead of time to make tomorrow different. That’s the sole secret.

For instance, consider throwing a grand party – you need at least one whole month prior to tomorrow to make the guest list, the shopping list, preparations for ordering food items, arrangements for sitting and decorations for your home and so on. It cannot happen in a single day.

While a family out together depending on how small your children are, it can be organized quickly within a day’s notice. You just need to plan whether it’s a park to play with your children you will go or to a restaurant to eat out together. Either way, it is easy to plan and organize and yet tomorrow can be a great fun day for you.

On the other hand, if you are trying to accomplish something great, say your PhD Dissertation, well that would take weeks of practice and rehearsal for best results. You have to present your presentation in front of a committee of people and other audience; you need to have your thesis compiled and assembled into a formal proper book and probably you have to burn the softcopy of your thesis on a CD or two. That way you have well planned. Additionally you have to prepare yourself well for giving proper answers to the questions posed by the audience on your dissertation day which happens to be tomorrow. If it all goes well, there you have it – you are conferred upon a PhD degree- something of great triumph.

Sometimes coming of tomorrow may be as unpredictable as losing your job, demise of someone close or simply a bad day. Try to repel the negative energies as much as you can and make it bearable for you. It always will happen once in a blue moon and therefore, you don’t have much to take to heart most of the time.

On the other hand, why does it have to be routine work for another tomorrow? Simply because people don’t plan to do anything special or do anything to make it special. Next time you think of tomorrow, let your creative juices flow in and plan a great day. Why does it have to be a day of boredom and drudgery? You can make it a beautiful memorable day if you only want it to be so with a burning desire. Think about it next time before tomorrow comes. It’s worth giving it time and thought.

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Source by Rosina S Khan

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Let’s play a word association game. What is the first thing you think of when I say, “Dehydrator”?

Long-term food storage? Survival food? Fruit leather? Beef jerky? Craft projects?

Wait – “Craft projects?” From a food dehydrator? What kind of craft projects can possibly use a food dehydrator?

Quite a few, actually. Here are 10 ideas* to get you started.

  1. Dried apples aren’t just for eating. Slice apples into rings, dust with cinnamon or nutmeg if desired, and dehydrate. String them onto a length of jute cord, alternating with other dehydrated fruits, nuts, cinnamon sticks, and colorful strips of cloth tied in bows. Tie a knot in each end of the cord or tie ends together. Hang it on a wall, above a door or window, over a curtain rod. Drape it on a mantel or shelf.
  2. Fill a large decorative jar with dehydrated fruits, nuts, berries, flowers, and cornhusks. Seal it with a tight-fitting lid. Set it on a mantel, hutch, or table for a rustic look.
  3. Don’t throw out your flower bouquets! Dehydrate them while they still have color, then use them in arrangements, wreaths, or potpourri. You can dry the whole flower or just the petals.
  4. Dress up your yard sale, bazaar, or craft sale items. Tie dried flowers with a bit of ribbon or twine, then set them in a vase, pitcher, or crock. Mason jars could hold such treasures as home-made trail mix, dried fruit slices, and yogurt taffy. A pretty bowl might hold potpourri.
  5. Glue dehydrated flowers, nuts, fruit, and seed pods onto wood letters, then paint if desired. Attach the letters to a wood base for stability. Spell out your name for a unique desk plaque. Use thicker pieces of wood for individual, stand-alone letters.
  6. Use your dehydrator as a quick way to dry papier mache, clay figures, or plaster-of-paris. Tip: You may want to line the bottom of your dehydrator with parchment paper sheets or a tray liner for easy clean-up.
  7. Dough art is a fun way to get the whole family into crafting! With a basic recipe and a little imagination, you can turn out dozens of dough ornaments, plaques, and figures – perfect for any occasion! Using your dehydrator prevents the cracking, baking, breaking, and browning that can happen in the oven. When your work is dry, it’s ready to be painted and sealed.
  8. Make your own edible cake decorations in advance. Pipe frosting onto solid tray liners or plastic wrap sheets, then dehydrate. Have flowers, swirls, ropes, and dots ready when you need them!
  9. A plain wood frame becomes a work of art when you attach dehydrated items to it. Customize the frame to complement the picture it will hold.
  10. Dehydrated citrus fruits – oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit – make interesting decorations. Thin slices tied with gold or silver cord can be hung on a Christmas tree or in a window. Use whole fruits as candle holders, paint or carve whimsical faces on them, or set them out as air fresheners. You can even use the rinds to make small dolls and animals.

With the yard sales and fairs of summer, the bazaars and craft sales of autumn, and the holidays of winter, now is a great time to be crafting. What will be your next project?

*Some of these items may be large, requiring removeable trays and door for maximum drying space. Be sure of your dehydrator’s capacity and capabilities before beginning your project.

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Source by S Poehlein