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His name was Mike, and we were in Boca Raton, FL for a week long conference of internet marketers. Mike and I were eating lunch and he shared his experiences in the corporate world that he had left over 6 years ago. He too, had been successful and had a substantial income in his former career in the UK, but there was something missing. I immediately connected with his story! He had great income with no time to enjoy it, so he found a way out by turning to the internet, and building a lucrative business online.

I share this story because there is a misconception about entrepreneurs that says we do what we do for the money. The reality is, that most entrepreneurs can make a LOT of money doing anything they put their minds to achieving – corporate job, executive, sales rep, management – it really doesn’t matter because entrepreneurs have great drive to excel, and a powerful work ethic. We will rise to the top no matter where they might find ourselves working. So, what is it then? Why do entrepreneurs do it? Why do we take the risk? If it’s not for the money what is it?

There is something extremely attractive to an entrepreneur about being able to call our own shots. It is more important to be able to be in control than it is to make a lot of money. Don’t get me wrong, making a great income is a great perk to owning your own business, but it isn’t the driving force. Owning your own business brings a much more important benefit than cash – it is lifestyle. The ability to come and go as you please, while leveraging a business to maintain your income is PRICELESS! Any entrepreneur would agree.

But, Mike and I am internet entrepreneurs. We own businesses that are built, marketed, and run online. For about eight months, I had looked for a business to create another stream of income for my family. In the financial services world that would be called “diversification.” I looked at everything from gym franchises to smoothie shops (I am quite the health nut), and this is what I found. When it was all said and done, they all looked the same: large start up costs, brick and mortar buildings, huge monthly overhead, employees, managers and management. My dream to gain time freedom in this model could take years to bring to reality, and my financial break even could be even farther away!

Traditional   MLM  and network marketing models were another consideration as I searched too. In this model, I still would be away at meetings to build my downline and gain customers. I had been in this model many years before, and really had no interest in chasing my friends and family away with another “opportunity.” My income stream would rely on thousands of people in my organization, all purchasing or moving products that paid very small commissions to distributors. Another time commitment I wasn’t willing to make.

Then I found the internet. The possibilities are endless. Mike felt the same way. 1.5 billion people online make a pretty large market of potential customers. No brick and mortar, minimum overhead (laptop, power, internet connection), no employees, minimal start up costs, no meetings away from home, and no chasing my friends and family around! The internet marketing model is a game changer.

Think about it. What if you could be your own boss, have unlimited income potential, could work from anywhere, could build a machine that works 24-7 to sell, tell, sift, sort, and move your product to your customer whether you were there or not, and help an enormous amount of people along the way?

What if you could design your career around your life?

You can when you work on the internet. That, in a nutshell, is why we do it. Sure, the money is great. Life is better with it than without it. But without the time to spend it what does it matter? The ability to call my own shots, and have the freedom to go and do as I please and still earn a lucrative income along the way give me the lifestyle like no other. If you haven’t already done so, and you are a self-starting, hard working entrepreneur, I strongly encourage you to check into the internet as a source of leverage to build your business too.

My office tomorrow will be in Starbucks. Mike has been “on holiday,” traveling the world for the past month while his business keeps cranking out his income. My commute the next day will be from my bedroom to my home office. As I write this, my two sons are lying on the couch watching TV, my daughter is in Spain on a school trip, and my wife has just called it a night. To be able to be here with them…there’s nothing like it! God is good.

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Source by Jerry Spangler