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Are you looking for an opportunity to create a successful, lucrative home based business? Are you willing to work hard, commit yourself and learn all that you need to? If so then here is the truth you’ve been looking for, we can show you how to create a lifestyle that is only for those who can truly believe in themselves and are looking for a tailor made business to get you there. As a top tier internet marketing company, we have all that you need to achieve success and start earning as much as you like.

One of the major differences between an MLM company and a Top-tier internet marketing company is the caliber of products sold. A Top Tier company market products which higher ticket items that pay a much higher commission, usually over $1000. MLM companies on the other hand will market lower-end products with a smaller commission meaning you have to sell a lot more to produce a higher income. Typical MLM products are vitamins, juices, beauty products, cleaning products and the list goes on.

A top tier internet marketing company will teach you the skills you need to become a great marketer l and then offer you a product to sell if you don’t want to find or create your own. That’s a major bonus – learning the skills when your starting out is a big task having to create a product as well is a mammoth task. And a Top Tier company will offer you a ready made product to sell that is unique and highly sought after, earning you high commissions and the opportunity to create you own paycheck.

MLM companies are much harder to succeed in. To build a large income you need to create a downline of many people and many tiers. But with an attrition rate of 90% in the first 90 days, this can be seemingly impossible. The internet is full of MLM companies all vying for top spot selling the same products and using the same techniques to bring people into the company.

In this industry you want to know that when you work, you will be rewarded and your not reliant on anyone to make your profits for you In top tier companies you don’t need a massive downline to start making a profit, having a team is a nice benefit and helps your income but your not dependent only on your team members efforts.

Ready to jump ship and join a top tier internet marketing company, well there is a few key questions you need to ask yourself:

are you willing to commit to a learning process?

are you motivated and a self starter?

will you work hard?

do you want to be part of a highly motivated community and learn from each other?

If you answered yes then this industry is the right industry for you and could be your key to creating a multi figure income, a financially free lifestyle and give you choices in living your life. This is a real job and if your willing to put in, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of the lifestyle it gives you but also the acknowledgment of success and achievement.

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Source by Tarnya Cook