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1. Stress level way down. Nothing is too serious. It is a fun business.

MLM is a fun business. Yes, it’s moving product or promoting a service but in a way that relationships are formed and cultivated. You work with friends and family, whether by blood or adopted family, it does not matter. You work with people that think the same way you do. You make new friends and join new circles of people that want to see you succeed and most importantly share in an abundance lifestyle. They are goal setters, dream seekers and generous philanthropists. Being around successful people in MLM is energizing and brightens your mood. It makes the business fun.

2. Time freedom accompanies your success and wealth

One major problem with success in traditional business is that it leads to a demand on more of your time and resources. You work fifty hours a week to open a franchise and do so well that you want to open another. Now you work 60 hours a week. Your small tech company does so well you are expanding internationally. Now you split your time between two countries and what little time you did have with family gets eaten up by international commute. You are the top sales rep in the office. You want to take a vacation but can’t let it go too long because the longer you are away the less and less prospects are entering your funnel which means lower sales in the future. Success in traditional ways lead to money being available but the time not there to spend on vacation or with family. MLM is different. Get excited because the higher up and more successful you become in MLM the more time freedom will be granted to you.

3. Shortened time schedule.

MLM is a three to five year career. That means, working full time, within 3 to 5 years someone can replace the money they were making at a level it took them 30 years to achieve in a corporate setting and with a better retirement option. 100% of the pay and is able to be willed to your children or grandchildren. MLM brings residual income. It’s an asset to your family. It’s a normal practice to spend 30 years to own a house free and clear. It’s not a stretch to spend 3-5 years to own a business that pays you positive cash flow.

4. No major investment of capital to start up.

Not everyone opens a bakery, invests in real estate, owns a franchise or starts a tech company. It costs money. Rent has to be paid, utilities have to be covered. Employees need to be paid. Even a turnkey business with a solid growth plan requires up front capital, liquid assets or a starting net worth approaching a million. Network Marketing does not have that requirement. They do not even care what your credit score is. It has the same or greater earning potential without the up-front risk. A lot of times we are talking less than $1,000 to really set yourself up for success in MLM. There are no other opportunities like it than what is presented in a legitimate MLM business.

5. There is no limit to earning potential

Define any job title or description and there is a fixed salary range. Being the best at what you do does help you be more valuable to your work but unfortunately it does not always correlate over to dollars. Teachers will only make so much regardless of how effective they are or how much they spent to get there. Lawyers only have so many hours in their day to review documents or spend in trial. Linear income is limited by time. MLM offers no cap, ceiling or range of income. It is a profession where you are paid what you are worth to the company. Get better at what you do and you will be paid more for it. It is a reason to be hopeful, excited and optimistic.

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Source by Jeremy Chamberlain