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In today’s world, Multi Level Marketing or  MLM  is considered as one of the best ways for someone to earn some extra money while working at home. It is also very hot as an online business. Online  MLM  is growing at a rapid rate. Success in  MLM  is also depending on selecting a lead  MLM .

 MLM  is a system wherein independent distributors market a product or service and then in turn build a team of distributors to do that same. It is through the multi layers of distributors that residual income is created as the team grows. It is the distributor who manages and builds their own team to produce sales for them to earn as well. The distributor recruits, motivates, supplies and trains others to sell and market the product or service.

So what’s good about  MLM ? In  MLM , you will have the control of your business plus you have your sales team. Your sales team, also known as a downline, are the people who are also promoting the products and making sales and the more sales they have, the more commission you’ll get. Over time a large team can be built and the residual income can be very significant. In a recent study of our economy they determined that there will be 10 million new millionaires created over the next ten years. It was also determined that the majority of these people would be in health and wellness and  MLM . Yes, multi level marketing is a great opportunity for people who are willing to learn and commit themselves to the work it takes to be successful.

The concept of  MLM  is in general thought to be illegal but in fact is very legal. There have been some companies that were scams that has polluted the  MLM  reputation with misinformation and general misunderstanding. When looking at a specific  MLM  there are several places where you can get good information however in general searching on the internet will confuse you because there is so much misinformation.

The first M in  MLM  stands for Multi. In plain English, multi means more than one. Multi level marketing is the compensation model of being paid for distributors that in turn create additional sales/service volume through personal sales or recruiting of distributors. This kind of model allows someone who just knows someone to get that person enrolled and if they in turn do the same the income will come rolling in. This kind of leverage of effort is what makes the  MLM  compensation model attractive to its distributors. Although personal recruiting and managing of you team is important it is the mindset and mortification of your sales team that ultimately determines ones success. You want to recruit eagles not ducks. A team of eagles can make you very wealthy.

How does one go about finding eagles to recruit in their business. Well that is a question that has been discussed in  MLM  since its inception back in the late 1800’s. In today’s world the most effective way is through marketing and advertising. One of the most effective ways to reach people about this kind of subject is through the internet. You are not limited to the number of people you know. You are not limited to you geographic location. You are not limited to even the same country or language. And when it comes to motivating, recruiting, supplying and training other people to promote the products, all of this can be done from almost anywhere.

To sum it all up, the question “Why  MLM ?” is now answered with the simple statement that “It is offering great opportunity in a legitimate way”. So why would you risk paying a huge amount of money for a start up costs when you can start and  MLM  on a show string budget and yet the potential income is almost boundless

Your success is all within your hands. So if you think you have the motivation and determination to own your own business, you can be in an  MLM . However do not think you can do this without a great deal of training. This business is no different than any other. In order to be successful you will need to invest in yourself and get plugged into the right training system. If you do this, then  MLM  can be very simple. I am not saying it is not hard work because it is however it is a simple business. Just learn from those that have already done it. Do the same things they are doing and you will see the results.

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Source by Bob B Howard