Get LEADS On Autopilot!

A simple way to MLM success online is plugging into an MLM marketing system. But only a few of them actually work well so you have to carefully select your MLM marketing system.

These systems usually comprise of a lead tracker, templated webpages, and an autoresponder series. These websites are duplicated, and everyone using the system uses the same website. Usually there is a place for you to add a picture or two and maybe say a blurb about yourself. This is followed by either a generic page telling people why they should be in a home business (and we all know that people usually don’t read those these days) or a duplicated page showing the success story of a leader in your business or your sponsor. Using the first kind means you will have very few leads as they just don’t convert, and using the second will only create leads that are interested in working with the leader shown on the page, not you.

Even if the pages converted better and got you high quality leads you would still have the problem of trying to get traffic. Google’s priority is delivering relevant and unique content to it’s users. You can never rank highly if your page is exactly the same as hundreds of others and is just a capture page. These pages can’t even get good paid traffic from Google. Even here Google doesn’t like ads to go to capture pages, it wants good content. You will have to pay insanely high costs per click for very little traffic.

There are three components of a good marketing system.

It has to brand YOU.

You don’t have to learn how to build a website. But you need the ability to add or change content and put your own videos or pictures on your site.You need to be able to add pages or articles so you can build the content of the page (which will help your Google ranking). All of us may not know how to build webpages, but pretty much anyone looking at this article can type. You want leads who know who you are, and want to work with you. So the website must be about YOU.

It needs to have a marketing funnel.

Again, this is not just about having a good series of autoresponders. You must be delivering content and value after someone signs up as a lead. You need to continue to establish your leadership and let people see how you can add value to a business relationship. Any marketing funnel needs a lot of components to make it successful, but this is important. It has to be giving valuable information to the leads, and it should introduce great resources and products to help them in their quest to be a successful home business owner. If this part is done right you can introduce people to GOOD affiliate products which will help you make money from leads that don’t decide to join your company. And the person has found a good resource through you. Win-win. So find a marketing system that ALREADY has this in place. That has done work to find good products that will help your leads.


This possibly should be listed first. It has to give you great training that is constantly being added to. Even if you have a great website, branding you and a fantastic funnel system you’re dead in the water without REAL internet marketing training. The old rules don’t apply, you can’t just call your friends and family hoping they’ll join your company. You need to be an educated leader who can provide value to your leads, and you need to get massive amount of traffic to your page.

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Source by Niamh Arthur