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Multi-Level Marketing, or MLM, if done correctly can earn one enormous sums of money. Sadly, a large percent of those who try it quit before they make much income at all. The main reason for this is that they do not have the training and knowledge they need to understand what it takes to make a success of a home based business. For those who do get the required training and who do acquire the required knowledge, operating their own home-based MLM business can be a life-changing experience.

Personality Changes

Almost invariably people entering into an MLM business are exhorted to define and visualize their visions for the future. Some MLM companies provide training on how to do this; others suggest sources of training by third parties. But nearly all agree that having a vision is essential so one can establish objectives and goals, and a logical plan of action aimed at realizing that vision. Those who accomplish this become very passionate about their business, and thus stay with it and put in the effort needed to succeed. Learning to define one’s vision, to plan with objectives and goals, and to exercise self-discipline, combined with the rewards of financial success all add to the person’s self-confidence and self-belief.

Financial Changes

The ‘average Joe or Jane’ grows up being taught that success in life is accomplished by getting a good education and then landing a job, hopefully a job for life. Standard education systems do not teach them how to become wealthy, or what being wealthy even entails. The successful MLM companies teach their distributors to think big, to aspire to wealth, and to try and get out of the drudgery of a daily job. They teach the importance of financial leverage, the advantages of earning a small share of the income of many people as opposed to having only that income earned by trading their own time for wages. These changes in thinking and knowledge have a significant impact on successful MLM distributors. By the time their incomes rise above what they might have made in their old job, they usually have a very good understanding of financial matters and wealth. So they not only earn more, but they usually learn how to handle what they do earn.

Lifestyle Changes

The sales pitch for many MLM companies includes something like: “Work in your Pajamas”, or “Enjoy a 30-Second Commute to Work”, or “Regain Control of Your Time”, or something similar. However it is phrased, working from home, which is what MLM is all about, involves a very different lifestyle from going to the office every day. This obviously has many benefits for distributors including having less stress, more time with their families and the freedom to choose when to work and when to play. What is not so obvious to many is that the very freedom to make these choices becomes the downfall of those who work from home if they do not have the self-discipline to apply themselves as diligently as needed for success.

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