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The amazing reality of the internet is that it has truly changed the earning paradigm. It has allowed online entrepreneurs like us to leverage technology and automated systems in order to create wealth even when we are not working. This is very different from the traditional corporate world where we are simply trading hours for dollars (i.e., our time for money.)

The internet is also allowing us to generate multiple streams of income more easily. This combined with the change in earning paradigm gives us a lifestyle that is truly unprecedented. As internet marketers, this is what we’re really offering to our prospects. We’re not just selling them a product or a business, but rather a complete change in lifestyle. There are lots of people who make a ton of money in this world, like doctors, and hedge fund managers etc…but they don’t have much time. Rich in financial assets but time poor. Then, there are others who have a ton of time but not much money, like those who are unemployed, disabled, or college students. What’s so special about online business is that we are offering the combination of both time freedom, financial freedom, and freedom of mobility.

Online business and internet marketing have become a low cost foray into entrepreneurship. As opposed to more expensive entrepreneurial alternatives like purchasing a franchise or starting brick and morter business, the internet has created a viable opportunity for grassroots entrepreneurs. I spend much of my day introducing wannabe grassroots entrepreneurs how to build a business online. There is so much interest in online business right now, and the plagued economy has only made this industry more popular – with thousands of people looking to supplement their incomes and in some cases replace them. We have seen a steady increase in business because of this current global financial situation.

I encourage you, if you haven’t done so yet, to consider online business as an opportunity for yourself, either as a second stream of income or a career change. The opportunity can prove wonderful for those who are driven, success oriented individuals. My one caution is to find a mentor who can help you through the learning curve, because if you’re like most people, then you’re likely a first time entrepreneur, and will benefit from some form of mentorship. Having someone who can introduce you to the skills that you will need will ensure that your learning curve is easier.

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Source by Daniel J. Snow