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There is a lot of criticism and negative opinions about the MLM business model in the media and from a big part of the population. But all this are based to a bad understanding of how the network marketing model works and past practices from some companies that brought a bad name to this industry. For those who know, this business can offer great advantages to those willing to participate in it.

But let’s see some of them and what they mean to you and the future of your business.

First, no doubt, the greatest advantage of multilevel marketing is the training and support you receive from the company. If you were to start a traditional business you would have been on your own trying to figure out how to make it work and you may have needed to spend thousand of dollars to business consultants and education. With network marketing all of this are solved for you as the company has a great interest in helping you because the more money you make the more money they make. After all it’s their products and services that you are selling.

Second, besides the company there is also your sponsor. The person that convinced you to join the MLM business opportunity under him. He is also there to help you and train you as much as he can based on his personal experience on working the business and the training he has received. He is your mentor, personal coach, and consultant, free of charge. After all, a percentage of your sales goes to his income so he has a very great incentive to see you succeed.

Third, the whole industry is build around the work from home concept. You don’t need to set an office and commute every day to it. You don’t need to report to anyone or have a boss above your head inspecting you and telling you what to do. Imagine all those hours saved from commuting invested in your home business what difference can make to its profitability and your income. Or you may even decide to spend a part of that time with your friends and family.

Fourth, you can set your hours. Since you are your own boss you can decide when to work and for how long. If you like to spend the mornings in outdoor activities and work at night there is no one to stop you, you can do whatever you like. Of course you have to keep in mind that the more hours of your time you invest into your network marketing business the more money you would be making. But if you reach a point where you are satisfied with your income you may as well slow down and start living a more quality life.

Fifth, an MLM business opportunity can lead you to what is called passive income. As you build your downline you may reach a point that your network starts expanding on its own with the help of the leaders you developed in your downline. In that case you no longer need to put any further time in working the opportunity and your income would keep increasing. In such cases you can retire and start enjoying the whole of your day as it pleases you instead of working.

For what you can see multi-level marketing has many advantages to offer to you whether you go full time into it, or part time which is more recommended. It can become you vehicle to reach financial freedom and a lifestyle that would allow you to have more free and quality time that you can spend with your family or in other activities that fulfill you.

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Source by Chris Kosman