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There is so much talk about ‘attraction marketing’ in our industry today yet I see so many people simply skimming the importance of it…and ultimately looking past its true value in their business and life. Being attractive to anybody involves two actions. Coming off as confident in abilities and Listening to what your prospect has to say. Now I’m going to address these two issues in detail.

Confidence. This is by far the greatest human quality that the bulk of people in this industry lack. It is also the prime reason people fail…because they fail to FIRST develop this quality that makes them a leader in the eyes of other people. You see, its ALL about perception. You have to understand this. You don’t need to be a protege of Martin Luther King and have uber credibility. You just have to sincerely have value to offer people. If you are having trouble building your confidence its because YOU are out of alignment with your authentic nature. You need to become who you are. Only YOU know what your deepest desires are. Sit and think about what you want, whats most important. The intangibles. Now express them to your prospects and posture yourself as a person who can help THEM get that. because they’re human too. And at the end of the day, we all want the same things. You see your can derive your own self-confidence by having an understanding that we are all connected and live our lives wanting similar things. Now, EVERYTHING seems simpler. Because it is.

The next topic is LISTENING to what other have to say. Believe me, I know SO well the anxiety you can have when you’re always trying to think about what you’re going to say to Mr. or Mrs. Prospect. Here is a reality check. We are not in sales. We are in the lifestyle enhancement business. Your prospect may get involved with you because he or she believe you may have a solution to their problems. See that? It’s THEIR problems…so let them do the talking. They’re used to nobody listening or caring about what they have to say. Or worse, having to listen to other peoples’ sob stories. So listen to what they have to say, then when you do speak, you can regurgitate it back to them to express that you’re genuinely interested.

These are the two qualities of a leader. Confident in your ability to relate to people and them show them a solution. That’s it. That’s your job. Now the only thing left is to actually have SOMETHING to offer them so they can achieve the income that will support their lifestyle enhancement. And in this business, you need people with a desire to enhance their lives (lead/prospect) and a solution (business building system). If you can provide those two things, leadership and a workable plan, YOU will be a success in network marketing because you have the two qualities that all top earners embody.

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Source by Brian Nussbaum