Get LEADS On Autopilot!

There are two things that will shut down your network marketing business. Not enough cash flow and running out of leads. You need the money either to live if you are doing it full time or cash to give you time to work your business and advertising. And you need an endless supply of people that are in need of your product and want nothing more than to join your down line. This is the solution. The Internet. I’m sure you have heard of it, well now it is going to save your business and give you the potential to be in 6 figures within a year. This is not about where to market your network marketing opportunity on the Internet, but the formula, the blueprint on which to build your Internet presence. This is how to use the Internet to get instant cash and endless leads.

This is an amazingly successful Network marketing formula called a “ME Marketing Funded Proposal “. Believe it or not the really heavy hitters in the network marketing industry do not market their business they market themselves. One of the keys to success in network marketing is to create your place as a leader as an alpha person, someone that invokes trust and respect. So as you build your approach to an Internet campaign always be confident in what you have to offer and offer it freely. One way people identify strong leaders are they always give more then they take. Give freely of your knowledge and time and others gravitate to the spirit of abundance. Never lie about whom you are but don’t be shy either, especially with yourself, there is a talent inside you that needs to be shared. And even though it’s true, I am not giving a cheesy self-development pep talk.

Being successful at network marketing can be about pushing the envelope and comfort zone but make sure you are using what is in the envelope. Don’t get caught up in thinking outside the box, what is in the box can make you successful. So back to our heavy hitters in this context the likes of Robert Allen, Randy Gage, Tim Sales don’t market this or that company, they market themselves with generic how to information petitioning themselves as leaders and experts in the industry. The new blood emerging from this, like Mike Dillard and Ann Siege, have built systems around this principle called attraction marketing. The method of being sought after by prospects and no longer buying leads or prospecting everyone in a 3 foot radius. They are looking for you. This generic Information product is so useful in that it brands you as a leader, and now you are marketing a product that solves a problem in your industry, thus funding your business even before you have signed a we distributor or sold your main opportunity product. A key component in your marketing campaign is your capture page. Somewhere, somehow at the very least, you needs a name and email from most of your traffic. Whatever it is, you need to compel someone for their contact info. This were you can begin to form lucrative relationships.

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Source by Terry Tiessen