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o A sales representative (distributor) first becomes effective at selling a product (any product) or a service (any service) to a consumer. If you want to be efficient on the  MLM  business you don’t need to get more than 10 customers if you train 2 people to get 10 customers, you will be much more effective at getting your valuable product to consumers than if you were just distributing products on your own. Remember that the  MLM  business is a Team Effort business. Don’t try to do everything by yourself.

o Recruit one person and train him/her how to get customers. This person would be called your downline.

o Once your sales rep can get customers, then train them how to recruit another person.

o Make sure that your sales rep can guide his/her new sales rep how to get customers.

o Then, you recruit one other person and repeat steps two through four. Keep doing this until you reach the earnings you desire.

How do commission plans work?

Some company’s plans appear complicated at first because most of the companies try to figure out how to get a sales rep to sell more products. Company’s plans split the money that it set aside for commissions in different pails. One pail is to motivate their distributor to sell products to consumers. Another pail is to encourage sales reps to train new people. That is call sponsor

Companies tray to pay huge commission because is the way that they retain sales rep in the company. It is important to achieve the top of the commission structure to earn a very good income. Every person who joins an  MLM  company chooses what level they want to achieve, based on results. Keep in mind that the only person that deserves a promotion is the one who produces the most for the company! If you don’t like that idea, you might want to think about this: always to achieve a goal you will have standards to meet.

To be a baseball player you simply buy some staff for a few hundred dollars and go play baseball that is the base level “standard” to participate. To be considered a good baseball player there are higher standards you must meet, to be a great baseball player there are even higher standards. This is true of every sport, every business and every professional. Having a doctor’s degree doesn’t make you a great doctor.

In  MLM , to participate you buy an inexpensive distributor kit. This is similar to saying that you “play baseball.” It takes almost nothing to achieve this level – therefore many (millions) can achieve this easy standard.

To be great in  MLM  (and enjoy the  lifestyle  that is offered) specific lines of achievement have been established performance standards have been established and everybody must achieve them to have the level of achievement their want.

Now, exceeding performance standards is the way to success in  MLM . On any  MLM  business you will have to work and increase your skill level to achieve your goals. It is important the company that you choose. It needs to have good products, training, web-site and a good compensation plan.

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Source by Silvia Ruch