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If you are considering joining the newest MLM business on the blog, One-24, then look no further for an expert review. I will tell you the inside scoop about ownership, the product, the unique compensation plan, cost, plus how you can recruit both offline and online with One-24. This way, you can decide if it’s the business for you!


One-24 is the brainchild of Mark Seyforth, who helped to launch Herbalife (you’ve heard of them, right) back in 1980. He is also the same guy who built a 100 million dollar company while he was still in his 20’s. I’m not writing that out of jealousy, but more out of respect. Mark obviously knows what he’s doing. I don’t know Mark personally, so I Googled him and have not found anything bad, which really is a very positive sign. Someone who has been involved in MLM for over 30 years would normally have some detractors!


Although I believe that there will be more products coming, currently the 1 product that will be available at launch is NatraBurst, a powerful “super food blend”, that is basically a concentrated blend of vegetables, fruits and proteins for a healthier lifestyle. Typical MLM type product? Maybe. The difference here is that the monthly auto-ship for the product is $60, less than most MLM’s charge. You are only required to purchase 1 unit per month.

One-24 Compensation Plan

The compensation plan looks unique and is being referred to as IRP-Incentivized Referral Plan for Linear Compensation. Basically, you get paid off of your direct referrals as well as everyone who joins the business after you. The site says that you don’t have to recruit people onto your team to earn but we all know better! One important fact mentioned in the video is that the company is paying out 50% of profits, as opposed to the typical 24-40% paid out by most MLMs. If this is true, what this means is there will be more money to go around…and not just to the top producers.

How To Recruit

As with any MLM, you make money by recruiting others into your business. While any business will advertise that “you don’t even have to recruit to make money!”. I will tell you right now that’s not true. To make money with One-24, you will need to recruit paying members. The unique “twist” with One-24 is that you can just ask people to visit your site and if they are interested, “You will put them on your waiting list”. What? Anybody can do that, can’t they? The fact is not everyone who joins One-24 will even do that (it’s amazing but true) but I think that more people can do this than can do more conventional MLM recruiting. You can use this recruiting strategy offline with your warm market or online.

The Bottom Line

I do not believe that One-24 MLM is a scam. By all accounts, Mark Seyforth is a stand-up marketer and business owner. The compensation plan looks unique and potentially very lucrative, if you able to recruit other marketers to your team. The product looks typical MLM but at least the monthly auto-ship is less expensive than most. Time will tell if One-24 sticks around for the long term, but it appears to offer the serious marketer a chance for success.

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Source by Steve A Hawk