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One of the great reasons to choose to work at home is to be more of a presence in your children’s lives. Now that two career families are a rule and not an exception, one parent’s ability to generate an income while in control of the home front is an asset. The Internet has brought us back home, as many profitable online home businesses spring up globally. But a great percent of these entrepreneurs now have a home office to add to the list of danger areas for the little ones.

As in the rest of the house, a good way to start a baby proofing is to get down on all fours and assess the area from that level. Seeing the room as your child does will give you your plan of attack. This height will contain most of your problem areas. Something as simple as emptying the wastebasket regularly, or installing or purchasing lockable desks and cabinets will save you grief.

Electricity is everywhere in an online home business office. Power bars exploding cords to your computer, your printer, scanner, fax, phone etc. This also brings hanging cords to all those devices and the possibility of them being pulled down. Plugging unused outlets is advisable as well as keeping cords neat and taped or tucked securely.

There is also the flip side of baby proofing. Protecting YOUR stuff. Backing up important data regularly on the computer is a good habit. The ability to lock the keyboard also saves random computer mishaps from roving fingers. This is also reason number two for lockable desks and cabinets, so that breakables can join the arsenal of scissors, staplers, punches, thumbtacks etc.

Good old- fashioned vigilance is still our best defence. Be honest about the amount of attention you can give and if that is sufficient supervision. Our children are worth getting help with if you need to give more focus to work on occasion. Simply locking the office when its not in use eliminates it as a worry in the family times.

The last tool is common sense. Ere on the side of caution. If it’s precarious don’t tempt fate. The same rules apply in the home office as the rest of the house. Fasten shelves and bookcases to the wall and so on. So, happy home working and keep our children safe!

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Source by Terry Tiessen