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When you have your own network marketing business, there are both pros and cons. One of the cons is that you need to find out yourself what resources exist and how you can learn more about multi level marketing.

If you do a web search for multi level marketing, as of today, you’ll get over sixteen million responses. That’s a lot to sort through.

I’d like to share some of my favorite place to learn about  MLM .

1. Books – There are numerous books on the market about  MLM . While I know that many ebooks are out there and are good, when I first began looking for information, I chose to buy books that had a publisher and were available in book stores. There are a few authors I can recommend whose books I enjoyed. Richard Poe has written a series of books. I’ve read them all and really enjoyed the information he provided. Tom Schreiter writes books calling himself “Big Al.” I’ve attended a seminar of his also. I think he has a lot of great ideas. Not all of his ideas are right for me, but I did get a lot of tips and tricks from him. One more author I’ve really enjoyed is Zig Ziglar. While I’ve read many other books, I believe everything I’ve read by these three I’ve enjoyed.

2. Newsletters – Find a few newsletters written by those who are looking to help the general public. I’ve found many newsletters that are very company specific. Going back to Big Al, he used to put out a great newsletter with lots of industry specific information. One current newsletter I can suggest is from mlmwoman dot com. She puts out a once a month newsletter that offers articles from several different authors. These articles are all industry specific, not company specific.

3. Message Boards – There are several  MLM  message boards out there. Some are loaded with spam and ads, others are full of great posts and what I call golden nuggets. Invest a day looking at the communities out there and save those posts that you feel are beneficial to your business.

4. Facebook Groups – Just like the message boards, there are some Facebook groups that are loaded with spam and other groups with leaders who really do want to help and teach. I joined one group. I messaged the leader two or three times with no response. I continued getting her sales messages and so I left the group. This is not a practice I support and so I left. I belong to another group that I’ve been a part of for over a year now and the leader makes posts regularly that are meant to help everyone.

5. Your Upline – Go to your upline and ask to be put on any mailing lists that they or their upline have. Sign up for company newsletters. This is where I get the majority of company specific training information.

These are my five favorite places to learn about  MLM  and gain tips and ideas to get help with your own business.

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Source by Audrey Okaneko