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While looking online at various systems and companies to partner with in your quest for home business riches, you’ve been absolutely bombarded with every opportunity you ever thought existed and more. You’ve seen everything from Pre Paid Legal to Wealth Masters International, and everything in between. One day, in the middle of looking at a new ‘Pre-Launch’ opportunity, you saw an ad that led you to Cedrick Harris.

This guy’s website was kind of hilarious. An African American gentleman sitting in front of a huge house talking about the keys to success from home. Now, you’ve seen this before, some rich guy you’ve never heard about talking about how much money they make, how cool their lifestyle is, and how awesome they are in general, so you’re wondering… Is this guy for real? Can this MLM guru really deliver? Does Cedrick Harris possess the knowledge and skills to lead you to the next level?

Just to be honest and straight forward, I’m not involved with Cedrick Harris in any way. That being said, there isn’t really enough info online about this MLM leader, so I wanted to tell you how it is from a third party perspective. This leader, Cedrick Harris, is one of the most dynamic trainers that I’ve ever heard, and there’s no one that’s better to be involved with in the MLM profession than him. He is actually the top earner in the largest online marketing system, MLSP Pro.

Cedrick has a unique way of building his business and he is one of the only online marketers who is also extremely skilled in offline marketing tactics. Cedrick is a master at the two most important parts of building an MLM business, generating leads and closing prospects over the phone. I’d say the biggest difference between Cedrick Harris and other online MLM leaders is the emphasis that Cedrick has on connecting with your prospects personally. He doesn’t hide behind his computer, as many online marketing gurus do.

Cedrick Harris first popped up on my radar after I heard a live training call from the leaders of MLM Lead System Pro. Cedrick was doing a live training call, prospecting people that had requested information off of his website over the phone. During the call, I actually got to hear him close two prospects over the phone, live. It was awesome. So what I did was send Cedrick Harris an email and I asked him if he would be willing to do a personal interview that I could post on my blog.

The thing that impressed me most about Cedrick was how he connected with me when I actually sought him out. He offered to help me build my business any time, all I have to do is give him a call. I guess that’s what sets apart a leader. Their willingness to go the extra mile and give before they receive anything in return. In the end, that’s exactly who Cedrick Harris is, and that’s exactly what you get with him at every stage of the game. I can absolutely give this leader my highest endorsement.

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Source by David Michael Wood