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Network marketing success is simple. I didn’t say easy. Perhaps you have been involved for a while but are frustrated and confused, not sure of yourself, spending more money than you are making. You are not alone. That is where everyone starts, but not where they finish. There are five things you must do to become achieve network marketing success. In what follows, I will briefly overview each one.

Choose the Best MLM For You

Yes. As crazy as it seems, choosing the best MLM for you is a critically important. Look if you are more than say 50 lbs. overweight, maybe a weight loss product isn’t a good idea (unless you intend to use it and create a before and after story). If you hate to travel, maybe a travel company is not so hot of an idea. It is hard to achieve network marketing success if, for example, you represent a juice you can’t stand the taste of. You must be able to tell a compelling story.

You get the picture. The bottom line is what do you like to do? What are you passionate about? Choose an MLM that represents a product or service that you really believe in and can get behind and support, You want to be able to proudly tell the world with conviction, how wonderful your company or service is.

Approach your hot and warm market correctly

Most newbies approach their hot and warm market prematurely and incorrectly and the result is what is known as warm market burnout. After a few weeks of hounding family and friends, you don’t have any family or friends left. No one will answer the phone.

There are some well- developed strategies for avoiding warm market burn out and also some strategies for re-invigorating a burnt out warm market.

Use Social Media as it is intended

Sadly, a large number of people use social media incorrectly. Social media is, well, it’s social. People come to Facebook for example, to socialize, to post pictures of their kids and grandkids to talk about their vacation, night out and dinner. They don’t come to be sold or spammed. They don’t come to buy.

Indiscriminately posting links on Facebook is generally a recipe for disaster. There is a right way to use social media, and spamming links is not it.

Brand Yourself

There is a tendency among new network marketers to associate themselves to closely with their chosen company. They put up a website or a fan page and post their new company links all over the place. That is just the wrong approach. First, if you post your company link, people generally just go to Google and look it up and what they find is any negative stuff about your company is front page center. And trust me, all companies have negative stuff

Besides Network marketing companies come and go so what you really want to do is build and brand you self as an authority in your field, be it weight loss, travel, healthy lifestyle etc.

Develop You Leadership Skills

Finally as your fledgling team sprouts wings, it is important that you develop your leadership skills. Otherwise, devoid of leadership, your team will not take you where you want to go. It must be lead, trained and taught to duplicate otherwise crash and burn is inevitable.

So there you have it. Focus on these five areas and the promised land of milk and honey awaits you. Neglect any one of them, and your success is not guaranteed

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Source by Len Mooney