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What is Leverage? In our home based business industry, leverage comes in a few different forms but basically using leverage results in an increase in your business/income without directly taking away from your personal time commitment. For many of us in the network marketing business, time freedom is the number one reason we do what we do.

It’s not easy to find MLM Training courses that cover this topic which is unfortunate since it has a huge impact on the difference between just creating a job for yourself and creating a lifelong residual income. It’s worth your time searching for some good MLM Training courses that cover the use of leverage. Leverage is the reason that the rich get richer. Wealthy business owners have other people or automated systems doing the “work” for them every single hour of every single day. Increased revenues and profits will follow from increased leverage. This short MLM Training session will outline the two main ways that we can take advantage of leverage in a home based business environment.

The first is leverage in advertising. It is very important for you to gain leverage through free and paid advertising. This is a simple process of running an advertisement, either online or offline, which will be displayed to potential prospects that visit a website, search engine or read that newspaper or magazine. Your advertising thus works even when you’re not around. It’s printed online or in an offline publication for the prospect to see and read when THEY are available to read it. We then use the ad to direct them to a website to give them more information about your offer and to encourage them to opt-in to receive future offers from you. I will often offer MLM Training in my advertising. I have found the prospects that are searching for MLM Training make excellent prospects for my business. Not only are they actively looking for help in this industry but they are willing to work to succeed by taking an MLM Training course and learning how.

The second form of leverage commonly used is leverage in affiliates. By having affiliates or a network of partners, you can capitalize on the efforts of others that are also interested in building a successful home based business for themselves. Some people shy away from network marketing or affiliate marketing because they feel that they should be able to do it all themselves. To be honest though, if you want to become very, very rich or have a ton of free time, you will either need affiliates or business partners or employees. Since most of us are small home based business owners, we can’t afford to pay employees to work for us. So we have to recruit other affiliates to work in our network, where we can also earn a small percentage from their efforts and success as well as our own.

In my business for example, I have a number of partners and affiliates who promote my MLM Training courses. This benefits both of us as I get other people promoting my products and services, thus gaining leverage and they benefit from being able to offer quality MLM Training material to their group that they either can’t or don’t want to provide. I generally keep my MLM Training courses generic so they can be applied to any business or opportunity.

So does this make sense? Of course it does. Would you rather be paid 100% on the efforts and sales of just 1 person (YOU), or would you rather be paid 5% on the efforts of 10,000 people (your affiliates)? I think the answer is obvious, that we would all like to be paid from the efforts of 10,000’s of others as well.

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Source by Joel Broughton