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Boy, it seems like a long time ago my first years in the MLM/Network marketing. I was raised to get a high-school education and get a good job. Only one of my siblings had gone to college in my family. During this time the late eighties, a high school graduate could still get a so called good job. Although looking back on it this time period was the beginning of the end of good paying long-term employment for a high-school graduate.

What Made Me Want More

I personally knew one guy who took full advantage of the American way. He was a sports agent and my brother in law. I truly didn’t know anybody else doing anything but working a pretty regular job. This brother in law was an optimistic energetic sort, who seemed to want to pull others along in his realization of the American dream.

He started an Amway distributorship, and I was one of his first distributors. His business took off really fast locally because of his popularity. You see, he was an athletic star in high school and college in the area; that with his success as a sports agent, open personality, and hard work, made his business take off at a record pace.

My First MLM/Network Marketing Experience

When I think back on it, I was so excited and ready to change my circumstances. I took delivery of my kit and I was on my way. I was taught all the basic techniques. Make a list of everyone I knew, make X number of cold phone calls every day, talk to your friends and family first, be sure to attend weekly meeting bringing any guest you can.

I was given scripts on what to say to strangers in public. I was so ready to win that it didn’t really matter what they, I was going to do it. My excitement paid off pretty fast. I sponsored approximately 20 new distributors was recognized by my up-line and even made some money.

How I Created 20 MLM/Network Marketing Doubters

All was well on my front line as it is called. But when I started to try to duplicate my efforts I found out that the above techniques were very difficult for my people. My down-line was full of very nice people, but like most new MLMers they were new to the excess rejection inherent in sponsoring with these techniques, and over time they began to fall off; joining the ranks of the 95% that fail at MLM.

My MLM/Network Marketing Happy Ending

I continued on working in the airline industry while continuing my MLM business efforts part time. I made part-time money. I tried a couple of different opportunities also; always making some income without really breaking through.

Throughout all this time I never forgot how difficult it was for my business partners to build thriving MLM businesses; this frustrated me to no end because I am very much aware of the financial and lifestyle benefits that MLM holds. As the internet became more and more popular, I would wonder how it could be used to solve the MLM sponsoring problem.

Then one day I was on the net and came across a video that claimed to understand every aspect of this problem. The guy on the video was a regular guy that pretty much told the short version of the story in this article. I put my information in, clicked on the link, got the free training promised, and I was amazed.

If you have been or are in MLM/Network marketing can you imagine not chasing people anymore! Having 50-100 leads come your way via the web after showing interest in business. Making money along the way, prior to sponsoring anyone; money that will pay for all of your sponsoring/recruiting efforts, and position you has a leader and legitimate business owner.

Just Want To Spread The Word

OK this article is getting too long, but I just want to tell everyone out there that thinks they can not have a MLM business because of the sponsoring/recruiting requirement that if you get with the right people using modern day internet marketing techniques you can do it.

I have done it both ways. This way, I think my original 20 could have a thriving MLM business. I hope they find this article and give it a try the new way. Oh yeah, I am full-time now!

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Source by Virgil Pearson