Get LEADS On Autopilot!

There are several strategies to get your web site to the top of the search engines. The most reliable and universally accepted method is to build back-links to your web site. A back-link is a hyperlink, a “link” from another web site to yours. The more respectable and relevant the web site that links to you, the more authority the search engine gives that link, the higher you rank for the search. One dependable and highly successful method is to submit your site to relevant web directories.

Wikipedia says “A web directory or link directory is a directory on the World Wide Web. It specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links.”

Web directories are different then search engines in that the sites are not crawled but are viewed and cataloged by real humans. Because of the human factor, search engines often take that into account when ranking and rank it higher because human edited directories are of higher quality content and less likely to be spam or scraped sites. There are a couple of different types of web directories, the two main distinction being paid or free submission. The king of the free submissions is the DMOZ and in the paid variety the Yahoo directory, but there are hundreds of high quality directories in all kinds of niches.

The process of submitting to web directories although effective is time consuming. This leads some webmasters to outsource or automate the process with software. Because of the effectiveness this is something that is worth spending money on, either by paying someone or by buying a high-end software.

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Source by Terry Tiessen