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Are you dreaming of retiring early? Are you ready financially? Are you ready time-wise; that is, do you have enough years at your current place of employment to maximize your retirement account? Those questions probably raise so many thoughts and emotions; it would be hard to address all of them.

Perhaps these thoughts include “Yes, for sure…I can’t wait for the day to come when I can fire my boss”. Or “Yes, I have been diligent about spending less than I make and saving the rest. I have a nest egg that will support my lifestyle…so bring it on!” Or “What?? You have to be kidding me! I just remortgaged, again. My grown kids and their kids just moved back home. The last thing that I can afford to do now is retire!”

If you have planned well and taken good care of your health, your years of retirement can be a time of renewal. Those years can be a time to travel, to try new things, to visit all of the places that are on your wish list, spend time catching up on all of the reading that you neglected. Wherever you are in relation to your retirement plans, chances are at some point you have day dreamed of some of these things. Those dreams can become reality, but will take careful consideration and planning.

Retirement can be one of the greatest phases of your life!

Some of the things to consider include what your lifestyle will be after retirement. Will you want to travel internationally? If so, your expenses could be more in retirement than they were while you were working. You would need to make a realistic plan of how much travel and how many years. If so, it may be wise to have some kind of income after you retire.

Conversely, will you alter your lifestyle to meet a smaller retirement fund? Will you need to be on more of a budget after you retire than you were all of those years you were working? Some call this the 40-40-40 rule (or dilemma). You work for 40 hours per week, for 40 years and then retire with about 40 percent of your salary. If that is not your ideal retirement, you may want to consider  MLM  options for retiring early. This is especially true if you have 5 or more years before your ideal retirement age.

There are several good reasons for considering all of your  MLM  options for retiring early. These include the type of  MLM , the cost of starting your business, the support that you will get from family members.

An  MLM  business started now may provide the difference that you need to have the  lifestyle  that you desire.

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