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Anyone looking to join an MLM opportunity will need to ask this very important question.

“Am I prepared to treat this opportunity as a serious business?”

Very often MLMs are sold as a lifestyle choice, or buying into a dream.

When we strip away all of the promises of the lavish lifestyle, fast cars, yachts and a life of freedom, we then need to look at what actually needs to be done to reach these goals. Although every so often an opportunity will come along that will make some people very rich in a short period of time,these lucky breaks are actually quite rare in MLM, more often than not it will take a lot of hard work and patience to make any money. This is where your strengths as a new network marketer will be tested to the limit. If you have been sold on a lifestyle and then told how easy it will be to reach this dream, the disappointment of not making any money after several weeks, even if you have followed the plan will usually make most people quit the opportunity, moaning they have been lied to or scammed out of their hard earned cash.

So will MLM work for me? The answer is probably no, with the statistics showing that 97% who join network marketing will fail. Such a high failure rate shows this is purely down to people waking up to the reality that MLM is like any other business, it will take time, money and patience to reach your goals. When people realise that any opportunity is going to involve hard work and perseverance they usually quit within weeks of joining. The other 3% who do succeed have actually made it work simply because they didn’t quit.

So before joining any mlm opportunity take a close look at yourself then ask these questions.

1. Am I ready to go the distance to reach my goals?

2. Will I treat the opportunity as a serious business and not just a hobby?

3. Can I accept that each failure I experience is a step closer to my success?

4. Am I prepared to learn new marketing skills to be successful in my MLM business?

If you treat MLM as a sprint it will probably fail, treat it as a marathon and you will have a very good chance of success. Although choosing a good quality MLM opportunity is important, it is equally important to look at your own qualities as a person and your ability to follow through to reach your goal of living that dream lifestyle.

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Source by Robin Whiting