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After Soaking in Online and Offline  MLM  Industry as a Hardcore Internet & Network Marketing Leader and Trainer for many Years… Below are only my Opinions: Old School  MLM  Is DEAD !

People don’t want to go to meetings every week. Or drive all over town giving presentations. Or mail-out expensive cds or videos. Or get “No shows” (friends who promised… ) The biggest REASON why people don’t get involved in  MLM  is NOT because they don’t want residual income, it’s because they can’t see themselves doing, what networkers are doing, to get them involved in the business. No one is going to say “NO. I don’t want extra $5000 per month in residual income.”

They say NO to what they have to do to get it! I am sure we can agree on that one reason, right? So, One Fine Day ,I Finally S.T.O.P . ! Being ridiculous and kidding myself. “Wake-Up!” There’s Must Be a Better Way 😀 Okay, let’s break-it down..

First things first! Let’s understand WHY most systems FAIL. Its NOT the company, its not the product or the complan that failed but instead the so called “system of duplication” In a  MLM  business model, the very economics requires duplication or multiplication for its success. So, for the past over 50 years, we have been taught to keep things simple so that we can “duplicate”. Every known “big” leader or Double-diamond or Presidential Director has taught us that (be coachable and duplicatable), because that’s the only way they themselves know and have been taught. Its still okay, if you’re building your  MLM  business BEFORE the 90’s when  MLM  is still not a mature industry and internet was not born yet. Their system of duplication consists of a string of “systematic” processes that most of us are overly familiar with.

  • do your namelist of 200 names
  • do not speak to anyone until you attend training..
  • practice your invite script
  • share with our warm market until it runs out?
  • Of course they tell you that it’ll never run-out
  • as you meet new people everyday.. Yeah. Right!
  • don’t miss orientation, more trainings, hotel meetings,
  • house meetings, one-on-ones, two-on ones (buddy system),
  • 3 way calling, conference calls etc.
  • do the numbers, law of averages…Every NO means you’re
  • getting closer to a YES! just don’t quit even IF
  • you hit a wall and is “bleeding”.. the ship’s coming in!
  • when you’re down.. look “up”line. When you’re UP,
  • look after your “down”lines..

GEEZS!! One company to another. the same “success” stories (1 to 3%) Interestingly, many  MLM  opportunities in recent times “appear” to be automated internet systems. BUT truth is you’ll need to pick up that darn 100 pound phone (after) and ultimately sell something or convince someone (yours is better than mine) what load of s*it. B’coz by now, your prospect in recent times. is already probably in another  MLM  company and has been roughed-up and burnt just like you are. Difference is.. you didn’t QUIT Unless you’re a pro on the phone or even make the time (which never seems to have enough hours in a day..), most can’t sell for nuts or just lacks the skills (admit it!)

Most don’t have enough time for the “learning curve” to show results AS their spouses or downlines have already left!! Well, you know the rest of the story. and finally, NOT until now. I can see and understand the cause of these “systems” breaking down each time like clockwork..

Is there something hidden from us in PLAIN SIGHT ? The CULPRIT? All these so called systems are heavily IF NOT primarily reliant on the “HUMAN FACTOR” to make it work!! That’s where the system breaks down MISERABLY.. Human or PEOPLE cannot be duplicated as much as you try That’s WHY duplication FAILS!!

Even when you’re lucky enough to sign-up your best friend without any rejections.. chances are your best friend may not have the same fortune AND he’s now another statistic (human element) that causes the system to breakdown even further. Let me illustrate and I don’t think I am exaggerating. you send the Top ten of your team members for the same intensive 10 days bootcamp w Mr Tony Robbins on a lost island . at the end of the 10 days, you would wound up with 10 different leaders (keyword is different). Exactly!

Final word: People cannot be duplicated.. only MACHINES CAN. So, what’s the obvious solution.. let the machines duplicate themselves.. Machines (internet) will send/give the information, build the relationship (through copywriting and audio/videos online), do the selling if necessary, take the order and close the sale or recruit. How ’bout also doing the follow-up and training.. giving instructions (as leaders do), step by step. Now, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a professor, a seasoned networker or newbie, a homemaker or school dropout. you go through the same McDonalds door, you’ll probably come out on the other end as a Big mac. Its predictable.. No tactics or techniques required!

What goes through a machine will come out duplicated (of course there’s that occasional weasel) that’s still bearable. but NOT when 95% is coming out wrong the way it is with “people”. (oh Ya!  MLM  is a PEOPLE business by the way. weren’t you told?) YES! I would like to think of it as PEOPLE are ALL “making money” while MACHINES are doing ALL the WORK “duplicating”. Now. isn’t that more like it??

I could be bumming around somewhere on this planet. sipping a pina colada w that lil’ umbrella while my “machine” is doing ALL the work, the way it should… Cool! Are You Ready?Is This a Dream “ MLM  + INTERNET MARKETING” come True? Nope ….Its Already Happening to Me!


The  mlm  Jedi

David Gwee

P.S. Huh?? No more Meetings , BOMs & OPPs?? is this really true??

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