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The travel  MLM  industry is a great opportunity for someone to participate. Great products that everyone wants and uses, competitive prices, and good support and training from the companies coupled with tools to help their members. However the opportunity alone can’t help you succeed and make the income you want. What would define your future success, besides your willingness to work and learn new things, is your sponsor and the team behind him.

For those that don’t know, the sponsor is the person that introduces you to the  MLM  opportunity and you sign up directly under him. But he is not just the guy or gal above you. In his duties is to help you as much as he can and teach you how to build your home based business as a travel agent. Of course that doesn’t mean that he is going to do the work for you and if he promises something like that be careful. What he is going to do is becoming your personal mentor and consultant and all of that for free.

Besides a responsibility, he also has an incentive to provide you those things as he is going to take a percentage of your sales. So the more successful he helps you to become, the more successful he becomes himself. It’s a win win situation hardly to be found in any other business model outside of the multilevel marketing industry.

However, that’s not always the case. In many network marketing opportunities that distributors get big commissions for referring new members, a bad practice from a minority of people takes place. These few gentleman, are concentrating in promoting the opportunity and getting new referrals only. After you sign up with them they leave you alone, as for their model of working their business it doesn’t make economic sense to them to give you help and support you, as you are eating from them time that can devote in finding new members and getting more commissions. They have a mentality of going after quick short-term profits instead of building their  MLM  business for the long run.

When you are joining a travel  MLM  company you need to avoid to sign up under such people as it’s diminishes you chances to succeed. Yes the company may have a great training program, but without a good sponsor and a team that can stand behind you you can’t accomplish much.

Of course this is a pity, as the industry of travel  MLM  will grow even bigger in the future and would make a lot of people successful, helping them achieving financial freedom and a great  lifestyle  that goes with it. So you don’t want to miss the chance to participate in this great expansion only because you chose the wrong the sponsor.

That’s why, if you plan to join a travel network marketing opportunity, you should be careful and you should choose your sponsor wisely. The commissions they get paid for referrals are big and so there is the danger that you may end up joining under someone who is only in for the commissions from selling the opportunity. To avoid that, be prepared to ask a lot of questions and if necessary inquire more than one or two potential sponsors before you choose under whom you will sign up.

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Source by Chris Kosman