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Some think Abundance is only about wealthy people with more money than they know how to spend in a lifetime. In reality Abundance is perfected, in evidence and completely expressed in nature every moment of every day. Abundance can be explained by the following. If there were only one species of tree or plant on the planet, that single plant would have enough “creative energy” to fully and completely populate the planet! The plants would be exactly the same. How does a seed know how to grow into an oak tree and not a stalk of corn? How is this true for some and not true for others in Network Marketing?

Network Marketing provides everyone involved with an opportunity for abundance that has yet to be matched in any other industry. Most who realize this, have joined at least one MLM in their past, some many more MLM’s than they would like to admit. Some have made an abundance of money with more than one MLM. How do we build a business in abundance? The MLM opportunity or business venture you have joined, probably does not guarantee their offering will take you to the top of the company and to the Abundance you feel you deserve. After all, you paid money, you attend the meetings and have signed up anyone who is still speaking with you. Why aren’t you ate the top of the leader board? How you mind your mind will determine what your stats are, the amount of your commission check and your position on the leader board.

Where is your mind taking you? Do you waver in your belief? Do you live on Scarcity Street in the city of “Scar-city”? Do you know that it is your mindset that is blocking your Abundance and your greatness? Is the wind is blowing your map right out of the window! Scar-city is where there are more goals and challenges you don’t meet, no matter how many prospects you speak with, or how many conferences you attend. Are you in the neighborhood of Scar-city where you ‘tea party’ with your friends on Facebook, but can’t pay for an in-person lunch? All the roads in “Scar-city” are very well traveled and have more pot holes and pit stops than a US interstate highway or Colorado mountain off road trail!

If you are new to Network Marketing, or if you have years of experience, I would like to welcome you to a newer blog. While some have spent a few minutes dodging the pot holes on their way out of Scar-city, others have moved into one of the pit stops, without their map, thinking Abundance is too far to reach, at least, too far to reach for today.

I would like to challenge you.This blog is being designed to assist you in discovering some of the reasons why the pot holes are where they are and why the pit stops look so inviting. Some get so paralyzed by the shiny cars of the leaders, and the constant drone from the Dream-stealers that they miss the fact that they are still on Scarcity Street in the city of “Scar-city”! No matter what you have invested, no matter what you ‘believe’ about Network Marketing or your MLM’s history; you are in the right place! Stop by and visit this blog regularly for a refreshing trip out of Scar-city and on to the Abundance Archway! We will be taking this journey together.

A series of learning activities will give you food for thought about Scar-city, following the leaders, focus on racking in money with Network Marketing, and best of all, how to mind your mind to get you using the map to the Abundance Archway. If you would like to work with me personally, visit one of the sites below to get a head start!

I have my map, do you have yours? Pack your bags! YOUR journey begins NOW!!

Healthy Habit: Most of us have about 10,000 taste buds each one has about 50 to 150 receptor cells. Their lifespan is about 1-2 weeks! A cleaner diet for about 2 weeks will allow you to taste and enjoy great flavors, and reduce your craving for salt and sugar.

Quote from the Tote:“When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears.”

~ Anthony Robbins

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