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Believe it or not some people think network marketing can be stressful but I beg to differ why would it be stressful or painful at all? One of the great things about network marketing is that you can pick and choose who YOU want to work with. So you are not stuck working with people you don’t like. If someone is rude or you just don’t like their attitude you don’t have to sign them up in your business. You can just disqualify them and just move on which would be the best thing to do.

When you got started in your business what was your number one reason for joining? What exactly was going through your head at that time? I’m sure like most people you was thinking about the money but here’s a news flash if all your thinking about is the money you might have a tough time building your business. Here’s why. When you are out here talking to prospecting and talking to people and money is your number one objective people can see right through and see your intentions. That’s why it’s important to not look at people like a dollar sign. You should be thinking how your business could help them with a problem they are having. Put the focus on them.

Don’t get caught all caught up in your company pay plan although you do need to know how and where you will make money with it. The main reason I joined my network marketing company is because of the lifestyle it can bring me… Freedom. Free to spend my time how and with whoever I want. This is the vision I want to share with other people. You could do the same show them the lifestyle they could achieve and let them feed off your energy with their own personal goals and dreams.What do they dream of achieving? What are their hopes and desires?

What are their challenges? When you turn off your own needs and focus on their needs, something magical happens. You get more leads. You get more sales. Your business grows fast.

Most network marketing systems are tools to help you achieve your dreams but don’t become to focused on just promoting your network marketing company instead focus on promoting yourself. Become a person of value by learning some skills and furthering your knowledge.The excitement you generate becomes contagious and it spreads to your team. They start to make more sales and their teams grow. So you see network marketing when do right has zero stress, how could it ever be stressful helping someone achieve their hopes and dreams in life.

Make it a mission to help as many people as possible and not make it about how much money you can make. When you are ready to explode your network marketing business fast, help more people and in turn you will get everything you could possibly want.

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Source by Dereco Cherry