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In the last thirty years we found ourselves running to the many  MLM  opportunities hoping to live the  lifestyle  of our dreams. We soon realized it was harder than we thought and now it seems as if the only people making real money are the ones sitting on top of the pyramid.

The reason for so many disgruntled  MLM  professionals stems from the promised earnings and low results. They were promised a certain level of earnings without a thorough assessment of the amount of work it would require and they weren’t aware of the commission structure. Unfortunately multi level marketing requires a lot of time to earn a viable return on investment. The prices of the products are low as well as the commissions. Most companies offer a 10-20% commission on products which fall into the $50 – 150 range. This would result in $5 – $30 commission on each sale. This is good money if you want to supplement your income with a few hundred extra dollars a month but no person is buying a ticket to financial freedom with these numbers.

You can make a substantial income with an  MLM  company but it will take some time. It also requires a lot of recruiting, cold calling and selling products that may or may not interest your prospects. You will need to learn the “art” of selling which many people are uncomfortable with. For some, selling comes easy, but for others it is a task and  MLM  may not be the best choice for those who are not good at it.

Furthermore, people are somewhat disillusioned with  MLM  companies after all of the “pyramid schemes” of the 1980’s. Companies were promising high earnings and allowing distributors to “buy into” the business. Eventually the business would fold and people never received their commissions. Some companies were not crooked; they just could not stay profitable. If you put all of your eggs in the  MLM  basket and the company folds, your income could be swiftly removed.

If you really desire to start an  MLM  business, you will need to overcome some hurdles but you can do it successfully if you are determined to make it work. You should be good at marketing and communicating to prospects and you should also have other sources of income in case this one falls through. Keep constant communication with your upline and downline and keep working at it. If you stay focused and continue to work hard, you can make a decent income with  MLM .

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Source by Erik Cairo