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I was recently on an MLM how-to training call with a very successful lady MLM business builder. The training call was chock-full of useful tips, and toward the end of the call the trainer opened the line up for questions. One man asked her, “How do I market my MLM business?” Instead of answering his question directly, the trainer asked him a series of question in return. She asked him, “Isn’t the parent company paying you to market their products? Is that not what you are getting paid for? Is our business not called multi-level marketing?”

In other words, without directly asking the caller’s question, the trainer was pointing out the fact that if you are in an MLM or network marketing business, it is your job as an independent marketer of your company’s products to find the best ways to do your job. You have to figure out how to market the product and business — that’s why it is called multi-level marketing, not multi-level whining. It is your job to discover the marketing methods that best suit your personality, lifestyle, and comfort zone. The entire conversation got me thinking about three steps I have learned from my MLM sponsors and my own decade of experience with MLM how-to. These three steps are very simple and can give you a solid game plan to follow when building your MLM business.

** 1. Pick the marketing methods that suit you **

Every MLM company has heavy-hitters to go from newbie to the top level in 30, 60, or 90 days. Unfortunately, it is usually very difficult to match the drive, style, and technique of these company hot shots if you are just starting out in your business or you don’t have complete and utter tunnel vision. However, you can achieve success in your MLM business if first research the various marketing methods available and then choose the ones that you feel you can use consistently.

If you go far enough up the sponsorship line in your MLM business you can usually find a wide variety of MLM how-to marketing methods from which to choose. For instance, in my own upline I find specialists in three-way calling, warm market prospecting, cold market advertising, hotel meetings, internet marketing, lead-buying, and direct mail. It is up to me to acknowledge which methods make me uncomfortable and which I feel I can do every single day. It’s good for me, like any MLM business builder, to strive beyond my comfort zone but if I choose marketing methods that make me too uncomfortable I know that I’ll find ways to avoid them and never make use of them. The same goes for any MLM business builder. Don’t be afraid to admit when you are uncomfortable and to start with methods you that are easier for you. Also, if you are not sure who is in your upline, call your parent company and find out. They are usually happy to provide that information to people who really want to build their business.

** 2. Find a mentor you can model **

For every type of MLM marketing there are at least three experts within easy reach that you can use as a model for your own business. Whether you find these experts online, in your upline, laterally in your company, or in a book (there are tons of successful MLM gurus who have written great books), the wealth of free or nearly free MLM how-to knowledge is astounding.

Personally I favor internet MLM marketing as my primary means of spreading the word about my company and product, and have found three gurus after whom I have modeled my business. All of these gurus are very similar. They are what I call the “quiet professionals.” They have chosen a few internet marketing methods that have worked for them and they do these methods every single day without a lot of hype. More importantly, they freely share their MLM how-to knowledge on various forums and blogs.

To keep myself updated on their latest pearls of wisdom, I subscribe to their blog feeds and visit on a daily basis the forums in which they regularly participate. I also do what they recommend, ask question whenever I feel the need, and am constantly pleased and surprised by their prompt and open responses. When you find the right mentors to follow, you will find that they will be happy to share their MLM how-to experience with you. Their generosity seems to be part of the MLM community ethic, especially for those who have already achieved a level of success.

** 3. Make a plan and follow it consistently **

Of course, no amount of MLM how-to knowledge is going to do you the least bit of good if you don’t put it into action. Pick and choose one to three marketing methods suggested by your mentors and learn to do them well. Make a plan based on these choices and follow through on that plan with all the tenacity that you can muster. If your chosen mentor tells you that you need to make 10 phone contacts per day, make sure you have the time to do that before you commit to that program. Then, if you do commit, sit down and make 10 phone contacts every single day for six months to a year.

Follow the Nike slogan and “just do it.” There is nothing an MLM mentor hates worse than a newbie who asks for help and then either fails to follow the suggested plan or follows the plan for only a week before calling to complain that the plan isn’t working. The gurus didn’t get their MLM how-to knowledge by doing anything for just a week. They have years of effort behind every single suggested marketing method, so if you do decide to follow an MLM expert, follow through and ask questions, but don’t complain until you’ve really given the plan your best shot. It’s what made the gurus successful and it can be the key that helps you succeed, too.

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Source by Stephanie Valentine