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Seacret Direct is part of a $114 billion health and beauty industry that is still growing. If you’re looking for a business opportunity in the health and wellness realm, Seacret Direct products might provide a unique way to get your foot in the door or expand your marketing portfolio. I’ve collected some information about the multilevel marketing (MLM) company that might help you determine if this is the right marketing break for you.

What’s the Secret?

The secret’s buried in the Dead Sea. Located at the earth’s lowest point 1,300 feet below sea level in Israel are concentrations of minerals not found anywhere else in the world. Seacret Direct products are made with high concentrations of these Dead Sea minerals. Since gaining product rights in 2005, Seacret Direct has sold over $500,000,000 worth of products.

About Seacret Direct

Consumers can purchase everything from Mineral Cleansing sets to Re-Cover Night Masques and are offered the opportunity to become distributors themselves. Seacret Direct Distributors can make an income in ten different ways through the MLM company and make residual income from building their own sales teams.

1. Retail Sales Profit

2. Preferred Customer Program

3. Bronze Bonus

4. Star Builder bonus

6. Team Commission

7. Leadership Match

8. Rank Advancement Bonus

9. Luxury Car Bonus

10. Lifestyle Bonus

Distributors can either buy inventory upfront and sell the products through parties, product shows, and events, or drive traffic to their personal marketing website (provided by Seacret direct) and let customers order on their own. If distributors decide to buy inventory upfront, they will buy products at wholesale prices and sell them with the retail markup. If customers buy products off of the distributor’s website, Seacret Direct cuts a check for the difference between the wholesale and retail markup to the distributor.

How to Become an Agent

The start-up cost is relatively low when compared to some other companies in the MLM industry. Distributors buy the Seacret Agent Launch Kit for $49 and receive:

-A personalized retail website (worth $399).

-Seacret Business Kit: includes start-up information on audio CDs and marketing and sales tools.

-Access to Seacret Specialists who can answer questions about products, business development, and marketing strategy.

-Online Business Manager: automated service that tracks transactions, populates sales charts, and other tools.

Don’t Keep Let it be a Seacret

I couldn’t help myself. But seriously, you can’t expect the products to sell themselves. If you decide this is a good MLM for you, don’t let the Seacret be a secret. Hone your message to your target market. Use your complimentary sales website to your advantage.

Blog about the products (maybe take a week to test each one-that’ll keep you blogging for awhile) and give other proficient writers the opportunity to do the same as guest writers. Think outside the box and let the high quality products and market demand work for you to make this one Seacret you won’t spoil.

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Source by Kim J Willis