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Elur is a network marketing company, or   MLM , which is based out of Florida, that offers nutritional products geared toward a healthy  lifestyle . This is a short review of their system of earning money online.

The money making opportunity in Elur begins with something which they have labeled a “5×7 linear forced matrix”. Now that alone sounds a bit too mathematical for me, however, I went forward to study their presentation and I think that I may not have to break out my calculator. First of all they explain that when you join the company, that everybody else who joins the company after you gets put in YOUR matrix. Sounds good right? Well, there are a couple of catches.

First, you have to sign up one person, before you start earning commissions for the first five people on your first level Then you have to sign up Two more to get paid on commissions at your next level. Then you sponsor 2 more and get paid commissions on your 3rd level. The bottom line is that you have to sponsor FIVE members in order to get paid on 625 member commissions. Now all that sounds pretty good, and the claim is that the spillover is guaranteed, with a potential earnings of 4 million dollars per year, however, those types of claims are generally theoretical in nature and many MLM opportunities will advertise the best case scenario such as this.

Also, there are the products. At $18 to $49 per bottle wholesale and anywhere from $20 to $59 retail Elur’s current product are affordable for the average person. Of course some families will order more and some will order less than others, depending on what needs they have. However, with any MLM there is usually a monthly fee or a product, which covers administration costs or in this case, products.

When entering the MLM or network marketing field, it is better to get some serious training, or find a mentor who can guide you through the hodgepodge of opportunities that exist on the internet. While is does appear that Elur is a legitimate company, and offers products which are geared toward longevity in life, the business opportunity should be researched and studies carefully before any investment is made. Those who have experienced the most success in the online marketing industry, have taken the time to enter a training center or have been mentored by an experienced veteran of the industry. There are no shortcuts to success, and knowledge and training are no longer options when investing in a business: it is now mandatory.

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Source by Rick P James