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I wonder who it was that originally thought they anyone with no sales or marketing experience could recruit other people with no sales or marketing experience and build a huge business.

Just the thinking behind this, borders on insanity. But if you think about it, is not that the usual way that people get into multilevel marketing. Everyone’s a prospect! Everyone wants this! Use the 3′ rule, anyone within 3′ is a prospect. So think about that, this means you would recruit the man that does the repair work on your car, the trash collectors, meter readers, waiters, waitresses, strangers, etc. I think you know that stuffing flyers in mailboxes is illegal. Just put them on windshields!!

Please do not fall for all this. Not everyone is a prospect. Some people do not want their own business. Some people are totally happy with what they are doing. It is this type of thinking that has damaged this business. You may get someone to try a new product but that does not mean that they want to go into business for themselves.

Regardless of who it is, you should not have to convince anyone to enter your business. There are too many people looking for opportunities. Let them find you and your job becomes much easier.

I mean, when you market in such a fashion as to imply that a person needs very little capital (or money) to get into business for themselves, what does this imply? A second rate business? If so, this gets you second rate recruits. Think about this for a moment, ever had a dentist stop you on the street and ask you, what would it take for you to come in for a check up? Sounds crazy, huh?

Over a period of time you will have spent a lot of your time and money trying to recruit people who have no desire to ever see you again.

Forget the excitement thing also. It will not work. You might get someone but they have then got to get as excited as you. Not gonna happen!

Even if you have the most earth-shattering product, if you don’t use effective marketing, no one will ever know plus no one will ever care.

Just remember that’s it’s easy to sell an “OK” hamburger to a bunch of hungry people but the best of burgers is hard to sell to people who are not hungry.

You need a marketing system that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that lets the hungry people find the hamburger.

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Source by Mac Caldwell