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What is a healthy cash flow?

I have read numerous articles about cash flow over the last few months and to be honest they bore me to tears. They are generally written by ”experts” or ”accountants” who think in numbers and that is exactly how they write. Don’t get me wrong, we need accountants and they are a vital part of my life but what is a healthy cash flow from Mr Joe Average’s point of view?

To me it is really having enough money in your bank account or in your secret stash that you are not forever worrying about what you can and can’t do with your life. That to me seems to be a pretty good definition of cash flow. Having sufficient income to be able to go to the movies, go to the international sporting contests you would like to see, wherever they might be. To be able to do the things you would really like to do!!!

Being able to buy a really nice car and insure it fully comprehensively, parking it in your double garage next to your spouses really nice car, where you are living in relative comfort without the fear of them being damaged, in any form.

A healthy cash flow allows you to travel when you want to, to where you want to, taking with you those you care for and love, if that is your desire.

What if you are single? What does a healthy cash flow mean to a single person these days? When I was single I managed to travel to approximately 15 countries and if I had been able to have sufficient income then I would have seen a lot more than I did and I would have a lot more photos to remember my journeying too.

Today’s average backpacker is a pretty intelligent person and they can see a bargain, are pretty sharp in spotting good deals and are discerning of the cheats. The one thing they don’t generally have is a healthy cash flow. They have income in their accounts but they have to work where they end up living for a while, so they can make ends meet, without touching their ”travel money.”

If I had found one of the numerous ways to make a steady income, to have a regular dependable cash flow, without working 60 hours a week for it, then my travels would have been absolutely brilliant and extended. How many of you reading this article can relate to this predicament? How many of you have been in the situation of having to go back to work, to work behind a bar, to wait on tables, while everyone else is having a great time? How many of you have had to take agency jobs that you really didn’t want to but you really needed the cash flow, so your savings could be spent on your holiday?

There are many ways today to have a good regular cash flow and this generally comes in the form of residual income, income that keeps coming into your bank account over and over again, for work that you generally have done once. There are many MLM, network marketing and internet marketing companies around but who do you go to?

Which companies are reputable? How many hours a week, per day do you have to work to make residual income, so that you can enjoy the lifestyle you aspire to, so that you have sufficient travel income?

Can I give you some really good advice, advice I give you freely to do with as you choose.

A healthy cash flow is residual.

A healthy c… will allow you to do things you only ever dreamed of.

A healthy c… ensures you become rich in soul as you experience more of life.

A healthy c… is empowering.

A healthy c… will allow you to explore life more fully.

I challenge you to explore life from a different angle, think laterally, think from outside the box, think for yourself and ask yourself the one big question…

What could I do with a healthy cash flow?

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Source by Colin Thomson