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If you have any amount of time invested in the  MLM  industry I can imagine that at some point you have thought about the fact that someone was or was not having success and wondered WHY. Trust me; there is really no mystery behind anyone’s success in the  MLM  industry or their lack of success. With a few questions and matter of a relatively short amount of time all of the clues can be uncovered.

Take this example for instance: A young adult in their early twenties with no background in the  MLM  industry becomes a distributor with a company that his or her friend has recommended. While there can be any number of reasons why they decided to become a distributor at that moment, you can bet for sure that one of the top reasons were that they wanted to make more money than they were currently earning.

While that statement does not generate any shock value for anyone reading it makes you wonder if that is the driving force behind 90% of the people coming into the  MLM  industry what made that desire so powerful for this individual.

What you don’t know is that this particular individual has gone from no experience and making $0 in the  MLM  industry to making in excess of $10,000 in less than one year and growing.

Next we have this example: We have an old pro in the  MLM  industry that has made multiple six figures for years in the  MLM  industry. They have all the experience one could ever want or need to have in the  MLM  industry. They understand the lifestyle that is available to them. They know how to recruit, promote and are very polished when it comes to presenting the opportunity.

They have the fortunate benefit of being introduce to the “Next Best Thing” (NBT) by a close colleague that knows of their past success and by default is sure that they will be a sure fire explosive building with this new business. Fast forward 12 months down the road and they have experiences some good growth, but nothing like was originally anticipated. Furthermore they and their sponsor are becoming a bit disillusioned with their NBT due to the lack of success.

Lastly, you may also know of  MLM  powerhouses that have conquered the  MLM  world time and time again, but now they are broke and trying to figure out what to do.

While I could tell you very detailed stories about each of these examples above and many more I am certain many of you are nodding in agreement that you know of similar stories.

Again, I will stress that there are no great mysteries and no GREAT secrets that will be revealed that no one has uncovered. The simple answer is that each one of the individuals above is right where they chose to be at this point in time in their profession. Yes, you just read that correctly, but I will say it again. Each of the above individuals is right where they chose to be at this point in time in their profession.

Many of you are probably thinking to yourself; how can this be?

Many more probably think that I have lost my mind about now. While I simply don’t have the room here to completely cover all of the information to support the above statement let’s move forward with the understanding that the above statement is valid. And, yes there are mountains of data to support this conclusion.

First and foremost each of these individuals made a decision either consciously or by default that they wanted to be right where they are in their profession. All too often many people make these decisions by default by simply not making a conscious decision to accomplish something different than what they have.

Let me ask you this simple question: What have you decided to accomplish in your  MLM  business?

Now please take a moment to give that question serious consideration before moving on. I’ll wait….promise.

Now that you have given that question some serious consideration let me ask one additional question.

Do your actions support the decision to actually achieve your accomplishments?

This is actually a very easy process. Because there are some very natural laws that will govern what you have today, what you will have tomorrow and what you will have next year. If you have REALLY made a decision to achieve a specific goal, you are fully committed to the achievement of that goal your actions will be in perfect alignment with what is required to realize that goal.

If at any point in the process these three things are not supporting each other to their fullest extent regardless of what else is going on in your life then it is time to examine what you really want.

Very simply stated, you must have these three things perfectly aligned:

1) You must have a vision for where you are going.

2) You must be fully committed to the attainment of that vision.

3) Your actions must support the attainment of that goal.

For example:

If I have decided that I have a vision for playing Pro football, I am 100% committed to the attainment of that vision and my activities for the attainment of that vision consist of sitting on the coach watching football games on TV, chances are very slim that I will ever realize the attainment of my vision.

Simply put my actions are not aligned with my vision and what is truly required to realize the success that I am fully capable of achieving.

In the  MLM  industry we have countless people that have started an  MLM  business and now they are watching all of the successful business builders while all along wondering what the secret is to their success. The secret is the successful  MLM  business builders have a vision, they are 100% committed to that vision and they are working to achieve that vision.

There are no GREAT  MLM  secrets, there is no Mystery to  MLM  success and please understand there is No “Next Best Thing”. The only “Next Best Thing” that exists is the one where YOU have decided that you are going to do what it takes to experience the success you are CAPABLE of and DESERVE!

To Your Success!

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Source by Glenn Antoine