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Sometimes I get on MLM training calls and I wonder if I’ve joined an MLM cult. I keep waiting for the trainer to explain how to do the secret handshake or tell me the mythical password that will let me through the pearly MLM gates, beyond which lies success. Having made my living in the MLM industry for over a decade, I am constantly surprised at how many MLM trainers want to teach people to be duplicatable robots. They teach the same techniques to every single person and hope that enough people succeed with the technique that the business will grow.

Of course not all MLM training has this kind of tunnel vision and not all MLM trainers are trying to woo you into an MLM cult. The point is that, as an MLM distributor, it is your job to find the right kind of training that will help you successfully build your business. More importantly, that training may or may not be found within your parent company or your upline sponsorship.

How do you know if the MLM training you are getting is helping you or just making you part of an MLM cult? Here’s a quick list of ways you can tell you are being dragged into an MLM cult kicking and screaming:

1. You have no friends left because you have bored them to tears with six business opportunities over the last three years. You still have acquaintances from high school but you are afraid to call them about your business because even though they can’t give you a wedgie over the phone they can now post a note on their social networking page about your phone call and then write about all the wedgies they gave you in high school.

2. Your sponsor teaches you the art of article marketing but instead of writing your assigned 25 articles for the week you find yourself watching Britney Spears’ tweets on Twitter.

3. You are on an MLM training call about how to handle difficult prospects and you find yourself practicing the techniques on the trainer because her chipper attitude grates on you like nails on a chalkboard.

4. You are supposed to be driving around inviting people to your home MLM party but instead find yourself asking the first cute person you see out on date.

5. You actually dropped in on the MLM forum where you are supposed to be establishing your “expert status” by answering posts and posting intelligent questions. Instead you find yourself clicking “Buy Now” button for the latest super glue on the website of a fellow MLM “forum expert.”

If any of these five scenarios even remotely resemble your current scenario you may be the victim of an MLM cult. But let me clarify. These scenarios are definitely exaggerated to increase the humor quotient and make a point. When I say you are a victim of an MLM cult, I don’t mean that the techniques taught by the various trainers and sponsors don’t work. They do work. They just don’t work all the time for all the people. If you find yourself squirming uncomfortably during an MLM training or avoiding a certain marketing technique like the plague, then that technique isn’t for you. That MLM cult is not for you.

Find another MLM cult that feels good to you. Find a marketing method that matches your lifestyle and your personality. If you like being locked in a dark room with a computer and tapping madly at a keyboard, don’t sign up for a training session on three-way calling prospects. Sign up instead for the training that teaches you how to find geek entrepreneurs like yourself. You’ll find that it is a cult you can really get into. More importantly, you’ll find that the training will actually help you build your business instead of increase your level of distraction.

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Source by Stephanie Valentine