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Couples are constantly looking for the best romantic vacationing locations. However, sometimes they want something a little more unique and  exotic  than what the typical couple would plan. One great location to accomplish this would be Madagascar. For romance, a suggested location in Madagascar is Antananarivo.

Two things you definitely want to make time to check out are the Tsingy de Bemarhara Strict Nature Reserve and the Royal Hill of Ambohimanga. The Tsingy de Bemarhara Strict Nature Reserve is full of beautiful landscapes, forests, canyons, hills, rivers, and lakes. It is truly beautiful and provides the opportunity for many unique pictures. The Royal Hill of Ambohimanga is a very royal and sacred place. It is a burial site where a lot of ritual practice takes place. It would be a very unique experience for those looking to experience the culture of Madagascar.

With Madagascar being such a unique location, I can assure you won’t be disappointed with your trip. It will be well worth it. You can experience the beautiful scenery, the culture, and the different foods. There is so much to take in while in Madagascar and you will have your pictures to re-live the memories, which is truly amazing.

As you can see, there is great beauty to take in while you are in Madagascar. It is a very  exotic  location in which anyone can enjoy. This is one place you don’t want to pass up the opportunity in  traveling  to. There are many great hotels and restaurants to choose from, so plan your trip to Madagascar today.

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Source by Nicole Bednarczyk