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I tried to make money fast and made nothing, until I learned there was a formula, a series of things that you needed to do in order to get the traffic/people into your MLM Business.

Make money fast disappointment and small bonus checks, and no growth downlines of most MLM Business models makes for frustration!

“MLM Home Based Businesses” are dealing with huge competition as there are hundreds and possibly thousands if you include the internet residual income business models. What does this translate into? It is much harder to get people involved in your MLM Business as most have already had an unsuccessful experience. Especially “Baby Boomers”, who many have been trying for years. The average retention rate is less than 3 months for a new customer or distributor. The grass always seems to look a though it is greener on the other side.

Gone are the days when you can simply introduce your new MLM Business to your warm market, your family, friends and close associates. The statistics show a 90% drop out rate, and no return on investment, if you are working a standard MLM Business model.

The good news is, that there are new revolutionary MLM Business models coming to the forefront! MLM Business models that have a proven track record, and system or “Formula”, to follow. If you are trainable then you should be able to experience the make money fast reality. Not only can you make money fast, but you can easily duplicate what you do. Imagine everyone you introd7uce to your new MLM Business earning $5, – $10,000 per month within 5 – 6 months time. Would that impress your potential business partners.

So what is it that these new MLM Business models have that others don’t? Well here is a list of what to look for when seeking to start a new MLM Business:

1. The company should be debt free, and not be in the manufacturing business.

2. The company should be privately owned, not listed on the Stock Market.

3. The company should have been in business at least 5 years.

4. The management should consist of at least 50% who have already built a successful MLM Business.

5. The product should replace something that the consumer is already purchasing every single month.

6. There should be one time quotas only to qualify for your residual income bonus checks.

7. There should be leadership training for every level of success.

8. There should be acknowledging of new distributors, who are achieving the “make money fast” success, to provide you with belief and a proven formula, and good leadership.

9. There should be a release of at least one new major product per year.

10. There should be world growth, expansion into new countries every year.

So the message here is to do your homework, do some research, and make sure that the products offered by the MLM Business model are products that people are consuming every month. That way any money invested is not new money but money they are already committed to spend for that given service or product.

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Source by Lea Gail Parkhurst