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Question: Which two are real?

The odds are that you will see a unicorn, or get abducted by aliens long before you’ll make real $$$ in network marketing.

 MLM  is a fantastic notion that has delivered hope to millions upon millions of people worldwide over the last 50 years.

It’s a ‘life changing,’ lifestyle-making dream. It is a mirage, a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Its irresistible lure is the time honored, well-oiled, high energy, bells and whistles ‘hype machine’ with its “if I can do it, you can do it” testimonials, one of a kind comp plan, dazzling websites, and ‘no brainer’ easy system.

All you have to do is follow the ‘system’ and ‘VOILA,’ you’re RICH! Drinks for everybody! Well, for about 3% of all network marketers, this is true.

It’s time to fire the boss, kiss the receptionist goodbye, and bring your spouse home from the workplace. “Gee, how are you going to spend all of that money?”

Welcome to the wonderful world of  MLM $$$!

“So easy a cave man can do it.” Do what?

Answer: Make it all the way to the top of the comp plan.

THAT EASY HUH? You can replace ‘cave man’ with just about anything. If you have been in network marketing for any length of time, then you have undoubtedly heard these gems:

A monkey can do it

A head of cabbage can do it

A child can do it

My 99 year old grandmother who is deaf and likes to walk around naked after her bath singing “I Did it My Way” can do it

Your dog ‘Conan’ the chocolate lab can do it

Even BORAT can do it!

There is another list however

My name appears on this list in every network marketing opportunity I have ever spent more than a year in.

I respectfully refer to this list as THE OTHER LIST.

Here is how to tell if you qualify:

Believe in the ‘Dream’ hook, line, and sinker

Don’t believe, but sign up anyway

Succumb to peer pressure and sign up

Sign up because it’s cheap enough to walk away from

Buy into the ‘Give it three years’ pitch

Agree to be held ‘accountable’ – (Yeah right)

Follow the leader until you become one -(sure)

Spend a lot weekly, make a little monthly

Participate in company contests but never win

Not knowing that ‘fast start’ does not include you

Eventually fade into nothingness

Done. Stick a fork in me. Hey look! There’s another  MLM  opportunity. Thank God! I was simply in the ‘wrong one.’

Isn’t this fun?


Are you starting to taste the bile creeping up into the back of your throat? Can you feel your head expanding? Is the room spinning? Are you suddenly having a difficult time keeping your food down? Well ‘this too shall pass.’

Take a few deep breaths. All you have to do is simply relax. Now, let’s work together. It’s time to save  MLM !

 MLM  – A Business Model Worth Saving

I believe that  MLM , better known as ‘network marketing,’ is worth saving. And it appears that I’m not alone.

For many, it took a great deal of ‘hard knocks,’ a small fortune lost. Friends went underground, and families became part of the Witness Protection Program in order not to be found by their  MLM-crazed  loved one.

 MLM  has taken many ‘bad knocks’ and deservedly so. Only former President Bush has a worse approval rating. Many people wish that  MLM  would go away, disappear like Sub Prime Mortgages and D.B. Cooper.

Here’s a quote I heard regarding  MLM . “I need  MLM  like a fish needs a bicycle.” Here’s another one, ‘Joining a network marketing business is like showing up with water balloons at a knife fight. It’s going to get messy.’ It’s amazing, you’re either dead set against network marketing or you’ll defend it unto death.

What has always inspired and captured me about the  MLM  concept is its irresistible contrast to a job.

It is everything a job isn’t . . . supposedly.

It’s being in Control vs. being Controlled.

It’s dictating your income vs. working for a wage.

It’s giving yourself enormous raises month after month vs. groveling for a 3% raise once a year.

It’s always looking forward vs. looking over your shoulder for the BOSS.

And, it’s getting paid over and over and over again for something you did once vs. ‘no work, no pay.’

 MLM  represents financial freedom! A job represents an indecent retirement.

So, isn’t it obvious that  MLM  is worth saving?

Ready to start feeling better about yourself?

“You can’t handle the truth!!”

I will give you one secret and here it is. Other than making the choice to get involved, it is not your fault that you haven’t had success in network marketing. It’s the ‘you can do it’ work your tail off, fake it til you make it, system that your company has sold to you.

If it feels like that, then why are you there? Network marketing is not for everyone. I love it, but that doesn’t mean I can do it successfully.

Are you a mere mortal like I am? (If you’re not sure, just look in the mirror.)

This leads me to the internet. Network Marketing was preparation for ‘Internetwork’ Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. So thank you network marketing! I definitely owe you one. Take a look! Not later, this is one of those NOW moments.

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Source by Wade Jackson