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Multi level marketing is a playing field. With (sometimes)low entry cost, and a ridiculous potential of limitless dream achieving possibilities, you get to decide whether you want to be a part-time go-getter or a full-time tire kicker.

Even when the rewards are just mind blowing, you might think that the determined choice is obvious, but if you have been long enough in the industry, I could safely declare that you’d know what I mean. You don’t have to take my word for it, statistics show that 97% of new MLM entrepreneurs fail in the first 2 years.

Ninety seven percent! I know… it shocked me as well when I first found out. But rather than talking of the doom and gloom, let’s focus on how we could be amongst the 3%. Shall we?

Go-getters are Doers. If you have met any one of them, you would know what I mean. They just don’t know how to stop. And in MLM, a go getter would ALWAYS finish first, even if he has not made his money yet.

A(caring)MLM leader would always advice you to start the business part-time. And as a part-time go-getter, success is not too far away. Here are 3 steps you could do to turn things around…

Find A Mentor

If your sponsor could not identify why you are stuck, maybe you should actively look for a leader who could give fresh inputs. Work up your sponsorship line to find the person who could offer genuine help. Probably a criteria to consider is a person who is already successful with his campaign, and find out how he is getting the results you seek.

Just be a Doer. Remember, MLM is a very unique industry. Everyone is in direct competition YET still complements each other in a directly BIG way. If the leader helps you, he has EVERYTHING to gain with YOUR success.

Don’t hesitate, Just DO It.

Learn New Skill Sets

Without learning anything new, a brain cell literally dies every second. So, from the second you know this, make every effort to find new skill sets to learn.

Do you think you are lacking in Sales? Or your marketing approach has been disastrous? Probably exploring copywriting techniques, distribution or online marketing, just choose something and have that laser focus attention to master it. If you don’t know where to start, get your mentor to suggest a starting point.

Don’t stay still, Just Do It.

Lead Your Team

Probably a requirement that is avoided by most networker marketers. A fact, to succeed in MLM, you need to step up and be a leader. There are two obvious benefits for this.

1-Being a leader would allow you to absorb better when implementing what you have learnt. Education is best learnt by either role playing(as a leader) or by teaching it to others.

2-Be a role model. Most networkers are concerned if they could achieve success. Just show to them your good practices, and you would definitely create a following. Lead them with value in mind and they would never stop but follow what you have to offer.

Step up. Just Do It.

Do not be concerned if MLM is asking too much of you. Initially, you might get overwhelmed by the changes that you have to make for yourself. However, by taking baby steps, your goals would certainly be reached before you know it.

Always be a go-getter, nothing should stop you. Own your dreams and pursue it relentlessly. Be focussed and persevere. Your dream awaits.

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Source by Syazril Izmal