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The Internet phenomenon has become increasingly more important and useful to our daily lives. And the small business and home business know have a powerful tool in the Internet, to affordable and effectively market products and services. To be successful it is often helpful to mirror the practices of the successful. In the case of marketing a small business, bigger companies with lots of money and research departments have done a lot of the marketing strategy building already. The issue at hand is to build a strong, consistent, coherent and insightful Internet presence that your consumer will emotionally bond with and will begin to consistently identify the product or service with your brand.

This is called Branding, and successful branding is crucial to establishing a profitable Internet marketing strategy.

The clarity of your mission statement, your defining features, is were your brand lies. In marketing terms your Unique Selling Point (USP), the one thing that separates you from your competition is what you use to describe you. This is helpful to your profit line in several ways. A clearly defined USP develops focus and direction in any company large or small.

The online consumer has become accustom to being engaged by there Internet. This has been labeled Web 2.0, for those new to the Internet; Facebook, blogging, Wikipedia, delicious etc. are examples of this, highly interactive and supportive of personal opinion. To get an understanding of what could possibly make a customer choose you over your competition is your first task. Internet commerce has an added obstacle in this desired bonding with your customer base, the anonymity. Building trust online is also a reason and a necessity of forming a strong brand.

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Source by Terry Tiessen