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Are you confused over how to allocate your limited time and focus in your  MLM  business between “new school” and “old school” marketing?

Read on to learn the common thread connecting old and new school  MLM , and how understanding and using that common thread can help you grow your MM business faster.

Old School  MLM 

The term “old school” is in some respects kind of goofy, because the definition of “old school” is human-to-human interaction, prospecting person-to-person, and conducting what amounts to an organic relationship with another person. The goofy part of that is that it’s how we lead our lives on a day to day basis: well, at least for most (some) of us!

The old school business building strategy is to do one-on-ones, home meetings, private business receptions, and seminars where you actually are face to face with one or more people to whom you communicate the value of your opportunity and product.

New School  MLM 

“New school” refers to marketing that is predominantly internet based. This includes the broad spectrum of all of the various techniques for marketing that utilize the internet, inclusive of social media marketing.

New school marketing is characterized by limited to non-existent organic contact – in other words, person-to-person. For lack of a better description we’ll just call this inorganic interaction.

The irony of “new school” inorganic marketing is eventually, at least in  MLM , you are going to have to talk to the person if you hope to keep them on your team: assuming they even join you in the first place. Well, at least that would seem to be common sense.

The Conundrum

If there is a conundrum in  MLM  marketing, it is which type of marketing should you focus on, and how to allocate your time and focus between the new and old school marketing practices. Is it one or the other, or is there a balance? And then how do you wrap your head around what appears to be divergent practices?

The reality is that there really isn’t any divergence in how one approaches new and old school marketing. In fact, they’re remarkably the same. What you have to do is understand the one common denominator that has the most profound effect on a person’s decision to join your business. Connecting old and new school  MLM  marketing is actually pretty simple when you get this one concept.

The Thread Connecting Old and New School  MLM 

The thread connecting old and new school  MLM  marketing practices is: VALUE. Yep, there is that word that seems to be getting a lot of play: but that’s because their is solid truth behind the meaning and value of VALUE.

Value is subjective, meaning that wicht is of value to one person may not be of value to another. That is where the common thread comes in. In order for you or anyone on your team to recruit a new team member, whether old or new school, organic or inorganic interaction, you need to identify what value the person seeks and with which they resonate. Otherwise they generally will have no interest in your opportunity – old or new school.

You determine value by asking questions. It doesn’t matter whether you’re online or off line. You strike up a cordial conversation, and in the course of that conversation you identify areas of dissatisfaction, need, want, or desire, and determine if what you have to offer is of value to the other person. This is common and necessary, regardless of the marketing platform you are using.

Keeping the value idea in mind, you will see there is no difference between how you interact with someone on social media and in person. It’s the same flow of dialog. You don’t walk up to somebody you don’t know in the grocery store and hit them with: “if I could show you how to save money and earn money at the same time, would that be of interest to you?” and expect too many positive responses, do you? Well, the same thing applies online. You don’t go on Facebook and hit somebody with that question – they’ll unfriend or block you. The difference is in the grocery store that person will reveal in their body language and voice that they are or not interested, and politely (hopefully) disengage. In social media and online they just block or delete you. Click – you’re gone!

 MLM  is  MLM  is  MLM 

The fundamentals are all the same: adding value to the life of another person with your opportunity, product, or leadership. This is the fundamental premise of  MLM , and it is the same regardless of what marketing platform you use. If you truly understand the value premise, then you can adapt to any marketing platform.

How to Structure Your Plan

So now structuring your plan is simple. You define the value proposition your opportunity, product, and leadership offer, and then you determine what type of conversation you need to conduct to discover if someone (organic or inorganic) has a need, want, desire, or dissatisfaction, that can be addressed with one of those three value areas (opportunity, product, leadership).

As a baseline you can use the FRONT or FORM acronyms to trigger your memory on areas on which to focus:

FRONT = Family, Recreation, Occupation, Needs, Timing

FORM = Family, Occupation, Recreation, Money

Now you just need to figure out how much time you have each day, and then parse that out between organic and inorganic prospecting. Only you know what is going to work for you.

So you see, connecting old and new school  MLM  is not so difficult or confusing. The common thread of value is the key to success.

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