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Video is one of the best and fastest ways to bridge the gap between “How do I get people to know me and my MLM?” to full-on MLM powerhouse!

I know, you might think it’s a bit outlandish to say that making videos can do all of that, but stick with me and I’ll teach you how to implement videos in such a powerful and brand-building way that it will cause people to unite with you.

There are two types of videos that magnetize the greatest amount of people to you:

  1. How-To’s
  2. Lifestyle Videos

Why do you love Mr. X that you follow so closely and try to copy in your marketing?

I bet it’s because he’s really, really good at doing those 2 things. He probably gives lots of exact how-to type strategies that you can implement, plus he is able to paint a dream and a lifestyle that sucks you in.

He shows you his world, and you become attached to his personality and his lifestyle!

By using videos, you can paint vivid pictures and describe sensations in a much fuller and richer way than print ever can.

I love this quote by Mark Hoverson, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.”

Here’s how to create videos that create traffic, sales, sign-ups and lifelong repeat customers:

How-To Videos

I was looking over my YouTube stats the other day and something really jumped out at me.

I noticed that my videos that had grabbed the most eyeballs were screenshot videos that I’ve made detailing specifically how to do something!

Some of the videos I made that were more “knowledge-based”, like outlining a gooey, generic principle, weren’t getting hardly any at all.

The absolute best how-to videos have a few things in common:

Start with curiosity – In the very beginning of your video, you have to say something so sizzling that no one will even think about turning off your video.

For example, I just made a video about the Numis Network that I’m really proud of. Before I get into the “meat” of the video, I explain that my vision is to have the product (silver coins) be in every house across the country.

People love high goals and visions, so I quickly painted what I want to happen with my team… it makes people want to watch to see what I’m talking about.

Explain what’s in the video – This outline (along with the curiosity factor) shouldn’t be more than 20-30 seconds to start your video, but it sets the right tone.

“In the next 2 minutes, I’m going to show you how you can set your own high vision and accomplish it by implementing these 2 underground strategies”.

That also contributes to the curiosity factor, and that your video won’t take long to watch. They’ll get something valuable out of it, and they’ll also want to watch to avoid missing out on the 2 underground strategies.

Watermark with your website – This is something that I learned about recently, but it’s pretty cool.

Using a simple editing program like Windows Movie Maker, you can create a watermark at the bottom of your video that has your website link there. That way, it doesn’t really interfere with your video, but the viewer sees your URL the entire time.

Content – A bit obvious step… just go into your content, keep the flow moving, and pack a lot of info into it!

Direct to website again – at the end of your video, I like to have the screen go black with just my website so they can’t miss it. Then in the description have your website there also!

Lifestyle Videos

These are such an under-utilized marketing tool!

In MLM, people want to see that they’re not working with boring, zombie-like lifeless people (they’ll associate that with a 9 to 5!).

Also, what people really want is time and money freedom to do cool things! If you have some videos that reflect that you have that, you’ll pull in a much greater response from prospects with a higher degree of commitment to you.

Your videos don’t have to be of you playing with gorillas in African jungles or swimming the Great Barrier Reef.

If you’re not at that level yet, show videos of going to your kid’s baseball game or your daughter’s dance recital.

Show a slideshow of a cool hike you went on, or how you explored some cave with your family.

Then, you can either relate them back to MLM really quick at the end, or just have your website pop up.

Don’t be afraid to let your personality show! In fact, if you don’t, you’ll probably never be able to achieve the degree of success you’re looking for.

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Source by Erin P Smith