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There are hundreds if not thousands of what I refer to as multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities available today. Below is a list of twenty-five of these companies with a brief description of the products each offers. There are many others for practically everything you can imagine. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

  1. Avon – cosmetics
  2. Arbonne – cosmetics
  3. Mary Kay – cosmetics
  4. Stream Cosmetics – air brush makeup and tanning
  5. Miche Bag – purses
  6. Lia Sophia – jewelry
  7. Undercover World – lingerie
  8. Bandals – interchangeable sandals
  9. Amway – various housewares, personal care products etc.
  10. SMC – various gift ware, decorative items, housewares etc.
  11. Regal – various girt ware, housewares etc.
  12. Initial Outfitters – personalized/engraved jewelry and housewares, gifts
  13. Scentsy – flameless candles
  14. PartyLite – candles
  15. Heritage Makers – digital scrap booking – create calendars, books etc. for clients
  16. Pampered Chef – kitchen and housewares
  17. Tupperware – kitchen and housewares
  18. Passion Parties – intimate products for couples
  19. Wine Shop at Home – wine
  20. Discovery Toys – children’s toys
  21. Likeware – children’s clothing
  22. Petlane – pet related items
  23. Tomboy tools – hand and power tools for women
  24. Man Cave – grilling stuff for guys
  25. Compass Life Designs – Social Networking, Network Marketing, Personal Wellness/Self Improvement, and Professional Coaching

There are several advantages to pursuing a Multi-level marketing opportunity. Some of these include: flexibility, being your own boss, working as much or as little as you like, setting your own hours, adjusting your work around your family life and schedule. This can be a great way to make a living or just earn a few extra dollars.

Of course there are several disadvantages as well. Almost all of these programs now require some sort of start-up fee. The fees may include catalogues, sample products etc and it may be necessary to purchase additional products in order to display them to your potential customers. It can therefore be quite expensive to get started. As well you will likely start out by flogging your goods to family, friends colleagues and neighbours and after a while they may get tired of your sales pitches and shy away from you. While you can sell a lot of product, the best way to grow you business and your income is by recruiting sales staff under you. This can be difficult to do. If you rely solely on yourself you will likely find yourself working the same hours of a full-time job in order to sell, process orders, follow-up with customers etc. If you recruit others you can assist them with their efforts and do less direct selling yourself, if desired.

Taking all the above into consideration, there is a lot of opportunity out there for people to work for themselves and be successful. I’m not sure why more people don’t do this but I believe it’s an easier and better way to succeed in any MLM company. Sign up for coordinating MLM companies and pursuing them all at once – multi parties/displays – pick a makeup company and jewelry company, a clothing line and a lingerie one or a toy opportunity and a children’s clothing company, or combine the wine opportunity with a candle company or passion party line. The possible combinations are endless and you can continue to add new companies as you become familiar and comfortable with each one. It may cost a little more to get started in all these at once but you will have a broader product line and therefore a better chance at making sales and multiple item sales. It will likely take some organizing to make it possible for the customer to make one purchase and for you to coordinate it with all the different companies you deal with. This could include creating order forms, advertising products and setting up an account that allows you to accept credit cards and payments directly then you split them up and order from and pay each separate company. You will likely need to set your own policies regarding returns, exchanges, shipping cost etc as well after reviewing all of this for each company. In the beginning it may be confusing, a little disorganized and cost some money to get things set up but it will likely be more rewarding in the long run than simply trying to make a business from one company’s product line.

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Source by Niki Gomez