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I’ve been seeing the “Body By Vi” challenge all over the net and figured I’d check it out. This ViSalus Sciences Review will provide you with an “outsiders” analysis of the business opportunity (I’m not involved) to help you to decide if it’s a legitimate home based business that you want to build for your future or if it’s a scam that you should run from! Be sure to read this entire ViSalus Sciences Review because I’m going to make sure that no stone goes unturned.

Who Is ViSalus Sciences? The company has actually been in business for some time but continue to grow, which is a good sign in this industry which has a lot of “fly by nights”. It’s based in Michigan and the CEO, Ryan Blair, has a lot of network marketing experience – as do most of the senior officers of the company. I view this as a positive.

The Product ViSalus is in the health and wellness niche. Their ViSalus Vi Shape and Vi Pak are weight-loss and nutrition products while the ViSalus Neuro is an energy drink. Looks like they have their bases covered for those looking to get in shape and have an active lifestyle. I have to admit I’ve seen pictures of one of the company conventions and there are a lot of “jacked” people so it looks like the products work lol!

The Body By Vi Challenge The current marketing campaign is the “ViSalus Body By Vi Challenge”. It’s a 90 day regimen to help you get in shape by through exercise and by using the products. Since I’m not a member I cannot vouch for the results you see but I’m sure like any other exercise regimen combined with nutritional supplements, you’ll get out of it what you put into it.

The Business Opportunity While researching my ViSalus Review I did not find anything that would indicate that the company or business opportunity is a scam. By all appearances, it’s a completely legitimate home based business. Every  MLM  has people saying it’s a scam because they don’t put in the work to build their business and never make any money!

The compensation plan is NOT a binary. Everyone who you refer goes on your level 1 so it appears to be linear which is a good thing in my book. There are many ways to earn, through retail commissions, fast start bonuses, team bonuses, and more. Like any  MLM , you are rewarded for your efforts and your success with building your own organization. This is where most people struggle. If you don’t have a way to generate a consistent flow of leads and sign-ups, you will never build an organization large enough to truly reap the rewards of the compensation plan.

The reality is that you need to be bringing in about 10 people per month, every month, in order to build your ViSalus business to a 10K per month business. Attrition is what requires the constant recruiting and team building.

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Source by Steve A Hawk