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Most prospective recruits understand the MLM business opportunity is foremost on most network marketers’ minds. Or, at least they assume as much. Before setting out into the domain of Facebook Friends, it is important to establish a plan of approach that does not remind people of the negative hype associated with network marketing. Instead, remind them of your personal desire to improve their lives through targeted posts that add value to the ongoing discussions already present on Facebook.

6 Actions You Can Take To Generate Quality Leads On Facebook:

1.) Develop A USP For Your Facebook Friends

When considering your business, one must also consider what it is they have to offer that is unique. This is based on both your product and your line of business. For example, if you are a coach or trainer like me, consider placing yourself as an expert in that area – regardless of the MLM you represent.

To push your recruiting for the company is less effective than to push your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) such as being a coach. Target your posts to provide information that is helpful for those who already want or do make money working for themselves. But, don’t neglect the average office worker either.

Many feel trapped by their office profession or at least struggle to manage their time, personal interests and family. Many are hungry for a better lifestyle but do not have the energy to really branch out.

2.) Search For Targeted Interest Groups & Participate

Such people can be found as participants in Facebook Interest groups, or even as members of Fan pages. Your best bet is to put that networking skill to use and join a few targeted groups that will respect or need your advice, as it relates to your USP. Remember to stay focused on what you are offering. We have all experienced the thrill of receiving an excellent piece of information offered through free gifts that directly impact our daily lives.

People are typically either gift or information junkies. Think of it this way, “Americans will do anything for a free t-shirt.” The same goes with free gifts such as downloadable PDFs, advice on their area of work that enhances their expertise, and links to DIY tools that help them get their job done.

3.) Play Along And Send Gifts To Generate Fans

We all know that Facebook boasts some the most utilized games on the Net. Whether you are a Farmville fan or not, you’re bound to get caught up in the many displays of gifts being interchanged. What you may not have realized is the potential for one-on-one connection that these games provide. Without necessarily getting lost in building a farm, Facebook offers many opportunities to send personalized notes to all your friends just by check boxing a few names and customizing your message.

Using this popular feature will keep your messages on the level of your potential recruits and customers without bogging down your time. Once you’ve made a personal connection that is reciprocated, then take the time to send them something helpful to their life. This requires a few minutes to review their profile and direct them to your Facebook page.

4.) Follow Up With Those Who Connect Through “Likes”

Networking is a bit foreign to the mostly “chatty” environment of Facebook, but that is no reason not to challenge the status quo. Whether you like it or not, the atmospheres of the lists you belong to are your golden key to making an entrance. Learn to network with the groups interests at heart. If they are inspired by motivational quotes, then provide what they’ll read. Then, mix it in with your own free gifts or inspiring true to life posts.

However, don’t let this become simply an act of participation. You need to be proactive to those who “like” or “comment” on your posts. Follow up with each one, or in the case of multiple likes, capitalize on that which garnered interest with supporting references, tips, or freebies that directly push them to your next conquering strategy, the Facebook Fan page.

5.) Build An Atmosphere Of Community On Your Fan Page

We have yet to mention the idea of a Facebook Fan page. This is a potent ability to take what currently exists as a chat source to a valuable place for business-centric interaction. Transitioning your friends to this page is key to ultimate conversions. In your Fan page, don’t make it all about you. Build your site with a strategic mindset for communicating regularly with your members.

For example, take advantage of the discussion section to generate conversation and sharing of valuable insights. Offer to give weekly coaching to paid individuals and craft a way to post a summary of your session to Facebook with a picture of that individual included. This will not only help those who can’t pay, but generate interest in those who may be willing to pay.

Most importantly, consider this community a place for prospects and recruits to gain valuable insight from you and to form a loyal following.

6.) Transform Your Friends List Into An Email Campaign

Finally, there is a quick tool for extracting all your Facebook friends email addresses provided by Yahoo! ( ) into an email list for some really targeted advertising.

Keep in mind all the tips mentioned above, such as sticking with a USP, before launching out into a full-blown email campaign. Also, keep this separate from your Fan page. Emails gathered from your friends list simply want information, products or tips that help them from your USP perspective.

On the other hand, by using an opt-in (such as provided by Fan Page Engine) form for your Fan page, you can get more down and dirty into the money making business of network marketing for one or more MLMs.

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