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It’s more significant than you may think.  MLM  success can only be achieved when you are passionate about it. There is no point even in generating leads online for an  MLM  which you find boring. If the end result is to introduce those leads to an opportunity which doesn’t excite you, your leads will know it. They will sense it in your voice and not want to spend time with you. They then will of course not want to join your business, no matter how good the compensation plan may look. People join people, not opportunities.

AGAIN – People join people, not opportunities…

Because you are always learning new things about the industry of your  MLM , if the industry is something that doesn’t interest you – how boring are you making things for yourself? Prospects join LEADERS, NOT bored, mediocre, run of the mill reps.

There are thousands of  MLM  opportunities out there, so which one is right for you? What do you LOVE? Health products, travel, different phone technologies, spending time on the Internet? Seriously think about what you are really passionate about, and lean towards those type of opportunities. Take your time when selecting the right business for yourself. Take a look at around at least ten or so. If you’re with a company right now and haven’t had any real success yet, seriously ask yourself if your lack of passion is the reason why. Chances are it probably is. I was with an opportunity which sounded great, but when I really enquired into myself further I found it bored the hell out of me! No wonder I wasn’t having any incredible success with it. Once I signed up with an opportunity which I loved and had a real interest in, my entire attitude shifted and I became much more interested in what I was doing. It was like a light bulb went off, and all of a sudden I was smashing it! I totally got how  MLM  passion is the key.

I personally do not sponsor anyone who is not passionate about what I have to offer. It will create a negative feeling in my team. Negativity in any team is like poison. You want to be creating an environment of excitement and enthusiasm. Period.

Joseph Campbell said ‘Follow your bliss’ and it’s so important. Money won’t change your life, but the way you think and feel will. Why be stuck in a  MLM  company that bores you your whole life. Sure you might make a couple of million dollars but if you spend your time bored and unfulfilled while building your business you may have some great holidays and nice things, but the journey in achieving those materialistic things will be completely unfulfilling. Give yourself a great time in offering an opportunity you love, PLUS give yourself the lifestyle you want as well. You deserve it.

 MLM  passion is what it takes for you to stay dedicated, driven and determined. Passion is faith, confidence and belief in your opportunity. It’s contagious. It gives prospects faith and confidence to trust you and give you a chance. If you lack these qualities you will not grow your business very quickly, and this is the reverse effect in building a strong downline. You must have speed in sponsoring new representatives. The faster you grow it, the healthier it will be in the long term. Passion fuels your speed. Passion fuels your success.

Similarly, ensure you choose a mentor who is also a passionate person. Make sure they have integrity. It will be your mentor that holds your hand if you need help, and shows you how to market your business properly. The better you feel supported, the more passionate you will be to continue growing your business.

Discover your  MLM  passion! Pour your personality into your business. Your business is your baby. Make sure you love it, and the universe will be on your side to succeed.

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Source by Luke Shavak