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A holiday is probably the best way of celebrating the most special affair and the significant day of one’s life, wedding. With time, more and more couples are showing an interest towards an abroad location for a vow-exchanging ceremony. This appeal among the couples has also in turn led to the popularity of the idea of planning wedding holidays. This idea offers the ideal assistance to couples willing to club their wedding and honeymoon in one vacation at the desired destination. Planning a holiday just after the ceremony in an exotic romantic location certainly feels great.

Imagine exchanging vows and offering a fresh start to a new life amid the wonderful landscape characterized by white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. Be it in a spectacular beach, a luxurious resort, or an elegant chapel, the world is filled with romantic venues settled in idyllic locations to make your ultimate dream of wedding holidays come true. A number of planners or coordinators have re-designed their wedding packages to cater to couples having a plan of holiday in mind. From planning your vow-exchanging ceremony to honeymoon or a holiday, the wedding planner does it all.

If you are planning a destination wedding, there will always be a number of locations to choose from throughout the world. Planning your holiday too, will offer you a number of choices globally. However, while considering wedding holidays, you will have a restricted list catering to the services. Surely, you can plan both your wedding and holiday in any destination of your liking yet, there are some locations around the world that boasts of an international popularity when it comes to arranging your wedding and honeymoon in one place.Some of the exotic wedding holiday destinations are:-


If you are planning an island wedding then, Bali must come up as the most obvious choice. The island in catering to the best interest of a wedding ceremony also lets you plan your honeymoon or a holiday. Wedding holidays in Bali offer you the best opportunity of exchanging the sacred vows amid spectacular tropical setting along with letting you enjoy a relaxing extended stay at the island.


The islands of Greece since always has remained a top favorite among all, be it the vacationers or the honeymooners. Over the recent years, the country has also observed a steady appeal among couples looking forward to a romantic destination wedding. Blessed with abundant natural beauty tucked into history, the island nation has become a favorite with the couples along with being a preferred holiday destination. The beautiful blend of spectacular beaches, quaint islands, and cosmopolitan cities also facilitates the idea of planning wedding holidays in Greece. You would certainly love to immerse into a relaxing vacation and raise a toast to your new beginning amid such beauty.


The country that is home to some of the best romantic locations throughout the world offers the finest possibilities of hosting a romantic celebration. While in the continent for your wedding, you are sure to come across destination offering a varied range to the couples matching to the distinct choices and interests of each couples. From beach celebrations to heritage ceremonies, it offers an extensive range of themes reflecting the cultural glory of the continent.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Europe are:







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