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I got started with the GBG MLM business March 10th, 2010 and today it is March 10, 2011 making it my one year anniversary with the GBG business. From my first month in the GBG network marketing opportunity I have been able to become a top sales representative using nothing but effective Internet Marketing techniques and techniques. One year later and now I have personally added 178 representatives while building an incredible team of 1,068 total representatives. Now I see the fruits of my labor as I watch my passive residual income in GBG increase monthly..

It’s an amazing feeling having residual money coming in larger increments every single month as I continue to travel the world fulfilling my purpose in life which is by no luck but all by intelligent design. That means I planned all this 365 days ago and because of my regular diligent action I attained financial freedom as a result of it. Now I get to teach my teammates how they too can attain financial freedom. The relationships and friendships you gain in this business are truly precious.

In 5 more days my girlfriend and I are going back to Costa Rica for the rest of the year so we can take advantage of the Pura Vida (Pure Life) lifestyle this GBG MLM has allowed us to gain. Every day is a mind-boggling and game changing experience for us. Our lives are a great big spiritual adventure. Our ideas become into reality. Our ideas are the foundation of creation in harmony with universal intelligence at all times. Once you can fathom and understand the workings of the universe and the true power of your own self you become in harmony with the source.

I’m expressing being able to direct the universe no different than a God. When you are in this alignment of chi with your higher-self and the universe then you understand. I fear the man who tries to prevent you from attaining your biggest desires with this understanding and so that’s why self growth is so critical and the key to becoming profitable in not only the GBG opportunity but in all areas of life. Network Marketing without residual income is dead! The Main ingredient to exploding the GBG network marketing business is by having a duplicable process in place. With GBG the average networker actually stands a shot. The GBG compensation plan is a 2 X 2 forced matrix.

Figures show the average individual in the MLM industry can personally add only 2.8 people. In the GBG business your goal is to personally add 2 people and then teach your team to do the same and so on. I am looking forward to an exciting 2nd year with GBG, personally helping as many partners as possible hit their financial marks.

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Source by Justin Verrengia