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What’s all the fuss about?

I’m sure by now, most people have heard about the digital life in some form or another. If you visit the internet on a regular base, you’re bound to come into contact with terms such as the digital gold rush, or leading a laptop lifestyle.

The internet is often depicted as a place of quick and easy money. A place of abundance where millionaires are born almost every day! But is it really all that?

In order to give an honest and correct answer to that question, we need to look at it from both a realistic and a relativistic point of view.

From a realistic point of view, we can argue that even the internet can not make you a millionaire overnight. Unless you are already rich and have tons of money to spend, it takes time to build any type of business, whether it’s a real life business or an online business.

And as for the “easy” part, I speak from experience when I say it’s really not that easy! Virtually any person who tries to make a living online will need to learn not just 1, but many new skills in order to simply give himself “a chance” on getting successful.

However, we could also argue that words such as easy and quick should be looked at from a relativistic point of view.

Today, in many parts of the western world, starting a real life business is becoming increasingly difficult in that you’re often legally required to have certain degrees or certificates before you can start any type of business.

It’s also becoming increasingly expensive to start a business, due to the increasing amount of regulations and a strong increase in the cost of the many items and assets you usually need to start a real life business.

Many types of online businesses don’t require any degree or certification and are very cheap or even free to start with. Most part of the work can, in time, be automated and any task you find too difficult to master yourself can be outsourced at often very low prices.

So from that point of view, we could say it’s easy to start an online business.

And because so many tasks can be automated and outsourced, we could also argue that you’ll usually start earning money more quickly than would be the case with a real life business, especially since most real life businesses need years to pay off the debt they had to make to start in the first place!

We all know the internet has become a gigantic, international shopping mall, where you could potentially reach billions of customers. Consequently, it is much easier to get rich quick with an online business than it is with a real life business!

Is a digital life really the life for you?

This is an important question you should consider before venturing into the online business world.

In order to create a successful online business, you’re going to have to spend countless hours in solitude, working on your computer, learning all kinds of technical skills and applying them.

Most people who try to create a digital life, do so while combining it with a real life job. After all, we do need money to live during the period we’re building our online business!

This makes things much more difficult though, since most of us have friends and family, maybe even children who require our attention as well. It takes a strong will and some serious organisation skills to go through all that without destroying your social life!

These are all important things to consider before you decide to start building a digital life.

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Source by Sven Geens