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When you talk to a prospect about joining your MLM opportunity what do you focus on? The pleasure they will get from being their own boss? The pleasure they will get from having extra income? The joy they will get from helping others succeed? Or do you focus on relieving their current pain? The pain of struggling to pay their bills every month? The pain of having to go to a job they hate 5 days a week? The pain of knowing that they are building someone Else’s (their bosses) dreams & not their own?

Whilst it is always nicer to talk about receiving pleasure and not relieving pain which do you think carries more weight? We all like to think about the possibilities of having a better life, more money or more time freedom but are these thoughts really motivating factors? Or are they just pipe dreams that in reality, deep down we know are not possible for us? Will these thoughts motivate us to get out of our comfort zone & stretch ourselves to achieve more? I would say emphatically no, they are not going to give us, or our MLM prospect the motivation it requires to succeed in MLM & therefore you will probably lose prospects this way.

Solving Prospects Problem

However if we focused on solving our prospects particular current problems then we would have much more success. You see we, as humans, will do much more to move away from pain than we will to move towards pleasure. So if you can find out what your prospect is worried about; not enough money, no time to spend with kids, problems at work etc then focus on how your MLM opportunity can help with that problem then they are much more likely to join you.

It is therefore essential that you build up rapport & trust with your prospect so that you can find out what pain they are trying to get away from, then focus on how you can help them move away from that pain. Essentially we are talking about a subject that I have discussed previously; a prospects “Why”, why do they want to get into an MLM business? It’s all well & good your prospect saying that they want more money, but what do they want more money for? If you can narrow this reason ( or “Why” ) down then you will likely find that your prospect needs more money to avoid a pain, the pain of not being able to afford to send their child to University for example.

So I hope you can see that by asking some simple but probing questions you will get to the bottom of the cause of your prospects pain & by doing this & then showing how your particular MLM business can help, you will convert lots more prospects.

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Source by John Mac