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A few tips to stop your habit of procrastination. Why tips on how not to procrastinate? To keep you on track as you start out in the swirling world of business these few points will give you ideas to stay the path to your success goals.

For most of our lives we have practiced delaying tactics used with our parents to stay up later or to go outside instead of cleaning our room. We have all been guilty of putting off tasks; around the house and in our jobs. We procrastinate in our interpersonal relationships when it comes to confrontations where you have to instruct or make a complaint about the way you have been treated by coworkers, family, and friends. We put things off, procrastination seeps into our lives.

For many of us have not given much thought to how procrastination has caused us to miss opportunities. It can be costly and if we were ever able to actually figure out the cost to us in dollars we might find we missed out on a lot. Remember the old saying “time is money”; well money can be a great motivator to breaking the habit. We all have good reasons to discontinue in this vein. With practice, and I know for some of us it will take more practice than for others, but the habit can be changed with a little time and effort.

You can build on a new goal, doing instead of thinking about doing. Letting our brains work for us to put together creative ways and strategies to deal with problems and situations that will come up starting our businesses. You can get through those dreaded tasks without a hitch. With the following tips we can take small steps to make an effective change in our lives and business habits.

So now you are ready to set the “stop procrastinating” goal for yourself. Nothing to extreme remember, just baby steps. First thing, stop blaming others for your troubles and accept the fact that you procrastinate by letting or placing other things in the way to avoid what you do not want to do. Accept that you are a procrastinator, but agree that you have a genuine wish for changing this fact. This way you can better take responsibility that if you do not succeed at completing a task due to procrastination, it was all you. Now keep in mind that admitting guilt is all you need to do. You do not want to beat yourself up about it. You want to change the habit not create more anxiety.

Your next step would be to make a list of the ways you procrastinate so you can target those areas. Maybe when it comes to paying the bills or could be added to your list. Maybe you are avoiding doing something for yourself regarding your health; like making an appointment with your doctor or losing a few pounds. When this list is completed you then want to make a list of the opportunities missed by your procrastination. Are you starting to figure the price of missed opportunities from your procrastination by now?

Another thing you want to do is make things handy. If it is easier to get to the things you need to complete a task this will help to cut down on putting tasks aside. Most of us hate looking up things like phone numbers we use occasionally, or addresses of friends. Take the time to put them in your phone memory (or have your kids do it). This will give you time to prioritize your tasks. Write them down in order of importance so that you can see what you have in black and white. Then you can work towards doing them as listed. Now if your household is busy you may have to make adjustments for those little things that pop up, but for the most part stick to your list. This will help you get in the habit of doing what needs to be done. With a list you are not overwhelming yourself by keeping it all in your head. You can then decide (most of the time) if whatever comes up is more important than what is next on your list.

These are just a few ways to get you started in changing your procrastination habit. Some will work for you and some will not. Everything is not always going to go as planned sometimes life just gets in the way. One way to stay on track though, is to make up a mantra or affirmation for your set goals. Place it on your bathroom mirror to read while brushing your teeth or hair. I placed mine on a little card and stuck it to my wall: “I will be productive today. I will not procrastinate. I will pick a certain amount of big jobs I need to finish, and then a certain amount of little jobs I need to get done today.” I also have a card for when jobs are completed. This is a simple way to stay on track and also pat yourself on the back for your successes.

Now, the most important step of all is not to be get swayed. If you are anything like me you may find that you are having problems sticking with it. Do not sweat it. Just start again remembering your sincere wish to not procrastinate. Like they say when the horse throws you off get back on and ride. Habitual responses can be difficult to liberate from and it may take some time, but you are on the right track. Do not stress over it, it is suppose to be an improvement not to overwhelm you. Changing habits take time.

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Source by Adrienne Saunders